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Is anyone doing a Sunday wedding or been to one? We found a place that would be perfect and save us a couple grand at least! Only downfall is that they don't have any Saturdays available and my husband put in his vacation time for the date we originally picked (June 21) But they do have Sunday the 22 available. I've just never been to a wedding on a Sunday so not sure what other guests/brides think.

Do guest get into dancing/drinking or not so much?

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  • Luckily we have no out of town guests so that's a plus I've been thinking maybe ceremony 4-5 reception 5-9 or ceremony 5-6 reception 6-10 those that can stay will and those who have to leave we would completely understand. I think the furthest anyone will be coming is about a half hour away and that's with traffic. The package includes unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks, I know some guests will drink all night but your right, I'm not sure how many people will party hard lol. We can't book the place until we get the deposit so there's always a chance the Friday or Saturday will become open before then as well. I just feel everyone has to rush for a Friday wedding because of work, or would that work easier if it's available?
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    I think it's fine to have a Sunday wedding. Have the ceremony early in the afternoon though so people can drive home etc. I would do ceremony 2-3 reception 3-8. you can still serve dinner if you'd like as well.

    ETA: I'd rather go to a Sunday wedding than a Friday night.  That means people rushing to go to the wedding from work or people having to take Friday off.
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  • Do you think guests would still drink/dance at that early of a reception?? I just want everyone to have a good time (not that they have to drink and dance to do that)
  • We are having a Sunday wedding on June 22! We're getting married at a restaurant and doing Sunday brunch for our reception. In terms of alcohol there will be mimosas, sangria, and bloody marys. We won't have a dj but we will have an area for dancing and an iPod playlist hooked up.

    FI and I always wanted a morning wedding so the day didn't really matter to us. 95% of our guests are out of town and from what we have heard since we sent out save the dates it does not sound like anyone will be skipping our wedding just because it's on a Sunday.
  • I agree, we are having a Sunday wedding and everyone is very excited. Many of our guests are coming from out of town and would have had to take a day off from work anyway (if the wedding was Saturday they'd have to take off Friday). So it's not a big deal.
  • We were going to have a Sunday wedding (same day, actually) but it was almost a destination wedding where people were going to be making it into a trip anyway, so we weren't worried about people needing to work the next morning. We considered a Friday but figured with a Sunday, people could ultimately just take Monday off if they were in a hurry to get home, whereas if we had it on a Friday, our BP would need to be there on a Thursday for the rehearsal dinner and that was a little much.

    We ended up deciding to move it to home for various reasons and decided it would be best to move it to a Saturday because we do want it to be a big party and get everybody drunk and to stay out late. We were considering moving it to a Friday to save money, but we really wanted people to have the whole day to get ready and not feel rushed. I think the venue that we will most likely end up going with is the same price no matter what day it is anyway. 

    Sundays are fine, but you will probably want to have it a little earlier in the day and it will probably be a little less of a party atmosphere than it otherwise would be, especially if it's local and people don't decide to take the next day off.
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