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I live in Portland, Oregon, and will be throwing a shower this spring/summer for one of my best friends who happens to live in Freeport, Maine. I've been there twice, and don't know anything about locations and venues other than what I can find online. Any suggestions for a location to throw a bridal shower in Freeport that is not crazy expensive? My co-host is from Chicago, so we are both useless in regard to this. As Freeport can book fast in the summer, we are hoping to do our legwork early and get something booked.

All ideas welcome!

Thank you in advance!

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  • I have no idea what it costs, but the Muddy Rudder (restaurant) has a function room.  
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  • Check out Conundrum Bistro on Rt. 1 in Freeport.  Depending upon the time of the day, they might accommodate you with a little cluster of tables in their dining room (maybe in afternoon when the restaurant is dead?)

    I would also check out Frontier Cafe in Brunswick (they have a little seating area you can reserve, I think....).  That could work depending upon how many guests you have.

    Another good option might be Mae's Cafe in Bath, if you can go that far north?
  • We got married at the Harraseeket Inn in Freeport.  I have no idea what their rates would be for a function in a private dining room or conference room, but they have many rooms of different sizes, and you could ask them.  

    I looked at a bunch of places for pre-wedding dinner options.  We ended up at Muddy Rudder, although I don't think we were in their private room.  The restaurant is divided up so that we had a fairly private space for about 20 people without paying for a private room.  I believe the Jameson Tavern also has a private room you can rent (and there is a little private outdoor space off that room, which is nice).  Azure Cafe may also have a private space.  If I can dig up my little notebook I will post again with specifics.  

  • IIf she's fun try bucks naked BBq in Freeport or bingas wingas in yarmouth. If you want something a little more fancy try harassment. Muddy rudder would also be a good maine seaside type option.
  • Hi, I live in Freeport and all those places are good ones!  My favorite is Conundrum Wine Bistro and the owner is very nice.

    Jameson Tavern is nice, very good food, but they recently downsized and sold some of their restaurant so it no longer has the outdoor porch, but it does have a patio and I am assuming you would have to rent the entire place.

    Azure Cafe is also right downtown, they have a private upstairs, but their food is expensive. 

    From experience downtown Freeport get extermenly busy during the summer weekends, and if I were you I would check L.L.Beans event schedule for the summer and try to avoid really busy weekends (or try to incorporate something fun like one of their free concerts).

    Lastly, Freeport has many great B and Bs right downtown, you could reserve the dining room or outdoor space to have a shower.  I think it would be a lot less expensive and really nice!
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