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How to find a replacement couple?

Hey everyone,

I was engaged for the past year and my wedding date was March of this coming year @ Waters Edge in LIC, NY. As of Christmas Eve, I'm now single and looking for a replacement couple for the venue that we had booked. I know this sounds RIDICULOUS but the venue is stating that I would have to pay the full amountregardless of if there was a wedding or not..unless a replacement is found. I'm hoping not to just leave this in the hands of the venue and be able to be proactive about this by trying to at least attempt to find someone.

My question is: how would I go about doing so? Are there any message boards or etc that would be helpful? I mean, there are freaky things out there online so I'm assuming there has to be SOMETHING out there or SOMEONE HERE. 

Any help would be appreciated. I have my dress, the bridesmaids' dresses, gifts and etc that I can't return. I really do not want to be responsible for this when it's hard enough with the situation at hand.

Thank you!


Re: How to find a replacement couple?

  • There's a pretty active message board over at

    Brides go on there and post a lot about looking at venues.  I would post on there, you may be able to find someone who wants your venue, but you may have to offer a discount due to the short notice.

    Sorry about your situation. :(
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