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Ceremony and Vow Ideas

Feedback on Fire Ceremony

Hi knotties! My FI And I are in the process of planning a unique ceremony to fit us. Since both of us are firefighters, we wanted to add an aspect of fire to our special day. We came up with the idea of a Fire Ceremony. We would have a fire pit (set up and pre-doused for easy lighting of course!) set up near the arches. Instead of the traditional floral bouquet, the bridesmaids would each have a small bundle of twigs / sticks bound with ribbon to match our color scheme. They would then place these bundles on the fire pit during the procession.

Post wedding vows, the parents would hand the bride and groom each a lit torch. We would then use our individual torches to light our own fire. This would then be followed by a Navajo blessing.

What do you ladies think? Good idea? Bad? I'd love to hear any advice or suggestions you might have! :-)

Re: Feedback on Fire Ceremony

  • @firebabe6519

    I think that's taking it to the extreme. I would only do 1 or 2 of those options.
  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    Have you already found a venue?  I would imagine finding one that would let you do this might be tricky.  
  • This would be forbidden in my community.  There are very strict air pollution regulations that forbid firepits or any outside burning except at certain times of the year, and you need a permit for those.
    I see nothing wrong with your plans, though.  Good luck.
  • Is your wedding indoor or outdoors? If indoors, you need to check with your venue and state regulations. Indoors, if allowed, would require sprinklers to be turned off and a hired firefighter for it, at least in my state. Outdoors, keep alternative options for rain or heavy wind.

    Otherwise, it sounds like it would reflect you guys.
  • jenna8984jenna8984 clam bakes & patriots member
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    As long as the venue allows it, I'm all for it. My future father in law was a firefighter for 35 years and my fiance was a firefighter for 10 years (volunteer). They both decided not to do it anymore but I know how much it still means to them. It's not just a career, it's a lifestyle and still means so much to them. I'm all about aspects that represent who you guys really are. 



  • It sounds very cool but is this something you would be ok not doing if the weather doesn't allow like if it rains or if the winds are high? Because if it's windy, I personally wouldn't want to deal with a torch while wearing my wedding dress, especially if you are planning to wear a veil. Sorry, I'm all about logistics and planning for the what if's.

  • My wedding is outdoors. Our venue does allow us to use a fire pit. They actually include it and provide the pit for you.
  • Do be careful.  Most wedding dresses are made of polyester satin, and you know how dangerous that can be!
  • Thank you ladies! All great ideas for us to think about!
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