Where was your bridal shower?

I'm trying to help my bridesmaids/mom out with a location for my bridal shower, but I'm really struggling to find the right place! Where did you have your bridal shower? Where are places that you've been for other bridal showers?

Re: Where was your bridal shower?

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    what part of the state are you located in

    my friend had her bridal shower at georginas in bolton food was good

    my sister in law had hers at portofinos in berlin/kensington the food is amazing my parents also hosted the rehearsal dinner there. and they have 2  separate party rooms
    my mom might host my bridal shower there or angelicos which is in new britain.
    angelicos has a banquet room we have had various celebrations there and the food is good

    i am getting married at testas in southington and they have a bridal shower package

    are you looking for a resturant with a separate banquet room?

    or are you looking for a hall where you can bring in your own food

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    I'm looking more in the central to eastern part of the state (Hartford to RI border and shoreline to mass border). I wanted to keep this a really open ended topic instead of asking really specific questions because I'm interested to hear from everyone. I still do want to hear from everyone, but I'm looking for somewhere that provides their own food. For example, I've been trying to look into country/yacht/golf clubs, restaurants, tea rooms, those types of places. But like I said, I'm really interested in hearing from everyone!!
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    Mine for my first wedding was at a relative's house so that's no help.   My sister's shower was at Chippanee Golf Club on Chippens Hill in Bristol and it was great.  Really beautiful venue and great food. 

    The Inn at Middletown (where we're having our wedding) does bridal showers and that's also a gorgeous place with great food- I might be biased there ;) 
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    Mine was in my childhood backyard :)  My mom and bridesmaids brought in a white tent and had it strung with lights, they did finger foods and rum punch and rented tables/chairs.  It was lovely.
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    Thank you for the replies so far ladies! Anyone else?
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    Not sure if you're interested in looking at RI for venues but mine will be at the Atlantic Beach Club in Middletown (right next to Newport).

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    portofinos in kensington ct they have 2 rooms for parties the food is amazing my sister in law had her shower there, and rehersal dinner a buffet there min is 30 people or you can do a sit down, 

    buffet prices start at 4.50 for main entree then you would add your sides to it min per person is 12.00

    the indivudual prices for the buffet are low so you can pick multipul items but it has to = 12.00 pp
    and the food is really good

    if you wanted to full course dinner with pasta salad and dessert soda and coffee its 20.95 a person for stuffed chicken stuffed sole, veal parm and veal napilitano.
    stuffed shrimp is 21,95 and ny strip 16 oz is 23.95 you would pick 3 options from that menu

    and if you do the buffet you can easly get you main entree ziti salad and veg for 12.00
     you do the chicken at 4.50 pp add in eggplant parm at 3.00 pp then your salad 1.50 pp your pasta 2.50pp and your potatos and veg at 1.00 pp and you are up to about 12.50 pp considering most places are like 19+ for a buffet
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    The Atlantic Beach Club is amazing!! We just had out Sea Bee Ball there!! My friends was in her mother-in-law's back yard with a tent, it was a Mad Hatter's Tea Party theme! it was so much fun! Sorry, not much help but You could check with Mohegan or Foxwoods, yes, i know, casinos :( but they always have great food and there are tons of places and rooms available.
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    We are looking for places also! 
    I know my mom just went to CW's in Manchester. My future step daughter wants Hibachi. We also started to look into a vineyard...
    I keep hearing great things about portofinos - a friend is having a 1st communion lunch there and said the prices are really reasonable. 

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