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Getting Married in Jamaica on Feb 7 - Week Schedule Advice

Does anyone have any suggestions to my wedding week agenda below? Other destination wedding 'day of' advice is very much appreciated!


  • Arrive Jamaica

  • Check into room

  • Print guest room numbers?

  • Hang dress

  • Arrange guest room bags / bridesmaid gift bags

  • Decide event locations with coordinator

  • Print wedding weekend Itinerary (put room numbers and weekend itinerary in guest bags)

  • Place schedule of hotel activities, excursion info, restaurant menus in guest bags

  • Dad deliver guest room bags to Carlyle?

  • Ask hotel to deliver bags Thursday AM or deliver them yourself or hand them out at welcome dinner- need locations finalized and written on schedules


  • Meet with photographer - afternoon

  • Meet with DJ - time?

  • 2 PM Hair trial

  • Rehearsal - time?

  • 5:30 PM arrive at welcome dinner, set up Ipod

  • Give bridesmaid’s gift bags

  • Welcome dinner, 6 - 7 PM

Friday    *Wedding*

  • 9:30 AM- 10:30 AM Massage  *Bring ipod & jambox

  • Shower, hair, makeup

  • Have dad deliver gift & notebook to Dave

  • Have Dave write letter on bottom of shoes

  • Hair 1 PM

  • Nails/ toes ?

  • Put wedding sign in sand

  • Reception - add cake topper to cake, move flowers around, set out card box / guest book

  • Photos with Dave & family before ceremony

  • Put engagement ring on other hand

  • 4 PM Ceremony (bring Ipod)

  • Photos - see photography guide

  • 5 - 6 PM Cocktail Hour

  • 6 - 9 PM Reception


  • Meet for Catamaran

  • Catamaran 2:30- 4:30


  • Flight to Negril


Re: Getting Married in Jamaica on Feb 7 - Week Schedule Advice

  • My biggest advice: Plan specifically for downtime - naps, getting a snack, chilling out with your FI/H. Also plan for everything to take longer than you think it will. Especially your arrival day - are you really going to want to travel there and then have all those things to do right away? 

    We did a week before the wedding with some activities with guests and some last minute to-dos for the wedding and it got hectic fast. Welcome bags took a lot longer than I expected. Printing anything out gets dicey so plan more time for that than you think. 

    There were a handful of things that we just said "forget it" to because it got to the point that we could get that extra thing done or we could spend more time hanging out with our guests and chilling and that seemed more important.
  • Where are you getting married what resort
  • Sandals Montego Bay!
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