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Has anyone given this a thought?  I was talking to a good friend yesterday & she was asking me if I'd given any thought to gifts for my girls.  I have, but I'm not sure what to do.  I guess one big factor will be when we find the bridesmaid dresses, that will determine if jewelry is part of their gift.  I've been a bridesmaid several times & really can't pinpoint what I got.  I guess I want to give my girls things that are useful (beyond the wedding day) & meaningful.   One bridesmaid gift I treasured was a small jewelry box engraved with my name.  I was thinking the base could be a tote bag, so the girls can have all their essentials the day of & really, who doesn't love tote bags?  A friend got a beautiful pashmina with her initials when she was in her sister's wedding.  Another idea I like, especially with our wedding on September 26th.

Another reason she brought it up was to suggest looking for sales & spreading the purchases out, which I'm all about!  Anyone have leads on good deals/sales?

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  • You should buy for them like you would for their birthday, Christmas, etc. I was thinking of getting my girls some wine, a gift card to their favorite place and a little something extra. For example I know one of my BMs loves makeup, so I was thinking of getting her a new makeup bag, a Sephora gift card, her favorite bottle of wine and maybe some wine charms.

    I know when I've been a BM in weddings and gotten personal gifts it means more to me than a tote with my initials in it lol.

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  • There was another post similar to this...I don't remember where it was.  I agree.  I think you need to look at each bridesmaid individually.  What do they like?  What are their interests?  Think of it as a gift for THEM, not a gift for them to wear to your wedding (like jewelry, shoes, etc), because that really is a gift for you.

    I did get little totes from 31 for my girls with their names on them to fill with their gifts.  I agree with @Couggal12 about the wine, gift cards, etc.  I also agree that I am buying things slowly so that it doesn't come all at once.  I have 6 bridesmaids, so starting in January, I am going to buy one gift card for each of them each month so it doesn't pile up.
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  • Thanks @dpelkey724 & @couggal12, you really put it in perspective for me.  I should think as the gifts for the individual.  Sadly, my girls don't drink wine!  The things I got as a bridesmaid were not personal, which is why I can't remember what I got.  I know it was jewelry for the day, flip flops for the reception,etc.  I am fortunate that I have a small bridal party, but I'd still like to spread my purchases out over the coming months.
  • @HH2Be, I plan is to spread my purchases out too!  It can get expensive...but when you think about all the work and support most of your girls will do...they deserve it!  Two of my girls are really into running, so I am planning on looking into stuff for them for that!  Good luck =) 
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  • One of my BM recently got married and didn't get her China complete, so I am going to buy her a place setting of that. The other (only having 2) I am getting a really fancy throw that matches her living room and some nice candles. Because that is what I would buy them for Christmas/birthday.

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    Since all of my bridesmaids and I love books, and our wedding is book-themed (FI and I met in a poetry class) I am going to give each of them a book.
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  • Great advice, I never thought about buying like it was a birthday/christmas/ect., I guess i've always seen gifts as everyone getting the same things and something wedding related whenever I've been in another wedding. I will definitely be looking for something unique for each individual!

    For part of my grils gift, I ordered those personalize hangers off of Etsy, with the wire spelling their name, and am getting button down shirts with their monogram on the pockets. My girls and I are all getting ready together so I figured having something fun to get ready in would produce some neat pictures as well as make sure they have a shirt they can pop off without messing up their hair, but give them something they could always wear later! I personally think the hangers are adorable and i had received one in a different wedding and I love using it when I travel, just something cuter.

  • I ordered my girls (10 of them) large totebags from initials inc with their names on them.  I'm also getting them personalized tumblers with lids from etsy for the morning of the wedding.  My 2 flower girls are getting cute little totes with tulle and sparkles and their names on them. 
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  • I love bags, I don't think you can go wrong. If you want to personalize you can put something small inside that would be different for each girl. But I personally wouldn't be offended if we all got the same items. My one friend bought our bridesmaid dresses instead of a gift, which was fine with me!
  • I can remember some of my gifts I have received as a bridesmaid. The ones I remember were individual gifts that held more meaning and were more personal.
    I have an engraved flask (I am a scots and I do love my scotch. This will be under my dress the day of and ready to go.....just in case ;) )
    I have a handmade clutch. The bride had given each girl a clutch with a little something extra in it and a different design. Mine was leopard print with a tim hortons card and pearl earrings. One girl had a VERY colourful clutch with Star bucks and these sapphire huge chunky earrings. (etc)
    One gift was an engraved bracelet which I still wear as I when I lost my medic alert bracelet - she had it re-engraved on the back with my allergies. (best friends for life!)
    The ones I vaguely remember were the 'en mass' gifts like a pashmina/tote and some costume jewellery set I wore as my jewellery (as per the bride my SIL) and never wore again.
  • I was thinking of doing robes as my main gift. Anyone have any leads on where I can at least 5 at a reasonable price?
  • @collibri you can get them on Etsy.  I got my girls the spa/waffle robes on Etsy.  There were so many to pick from.  I found a shop that the owner went out of her way to get me exactly what I want.  Message me if you want more details. 
  • My girls aren't "bag" kind of ladies (although I am...). Two of my girls are my sisters, so I was going to get them both some kind of connecting jewelry (something we all had) from the local jeweler and the other girl is my BFF - who is currently experiencing 2u2, so I'm sure she'd appreciate a massage of some kind, lol! I'll probably throw together a massage GC with a robe and a pair of flip flops for her.
  • Haven't really thought about this one, although I should! I only have my MOH and my cousin, who is my other bridesmaid, so at least there's that. My MOH will be easy to buy for, she loves eclectic jewelry, bags, coffee, manicures, etc. My cousin will be a bit trickier. When I was in her wedding all the BM's got jewelry to wear the day of the wedding, and a purse and flip flops that matched our BM dresses (meh). I'm thinking maybe a sweater from Kohls (she loves their sweaters), maybe some local wine since she is from out of state, ? I need to figure out a budget and stick to it!
  • I got a cute pair of starfish stud earrings for my niece who is a BM, im probably doing different stuff for each not necessarily all jewelry. Possibly wet bikini bags b/c its a DW Beach wedding and I bet they would appreciate that and use it again. I wish I could afford to get them all robes. I might also do sunglasses... not really sure yet. If I can get em cheap maybe personalized charm bracelets...
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