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Plymouth, MA Beach Ceremony

Hello fellow brides! My fiance and I have our hearts set on a beach ceremony in Plymouth, MA. We are in the beginning phases of planning and are looking for recommendations on which beach people have used in the past and how they went about it. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance. 

Re: Plymouth, MA Beach Ceremony

  • I just answered this on the international board and then I saw it here so I guess lets move the conversation over here!

    I have a summer home in Plymouth and a few houses down from mine they do weddings and it is absolutely stunning. Their business is called Center Hill Estates. It is a house on a cliff on a private beach and they do the ceremony right on the beach! I don't know anything regarding price but I do know if you want a beautiful beach spot for a wedding that is definitely the place to do it!

  • I am getting married on White Horse beach in June!
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