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Is strange music such a bad idea?

My fiancé and I are into a very large variety of genres and music types, as are our younger friends. However, both of our families are a bit older and do not enjoy the same variety. My guy and I are into just about anything. However, our very favorite songs, including our first dance song, are a little bit different. We've decided that we refuse to compromise on the first dance song. (Adieu by Enter Shakari, it's worth looking up). However, when it comes to the other music, we're kind of at a loss. If we were to play a large variety, we are worried that the older guests will not enjoy most of the music. If we are to only play things they'd like, our younger friends wouldn't have as much fun. The music is by no means offensive, but we really do want everyone to enjoy their time as much as possible. Help?

Re: Is strange music such a bad idea?

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    So come up with a good compromise.  Have some music you both like, some your friends will like, some for your older guests, etc.

    Against my DJ's advice, I made him play *some* of the music we liked more, and I actually got compliments on our wedding music, how it was better than other wedding music, etc. because for some reason DJs think that all wedding guests want to hear are cheesy songs all night, when really, it's not the case.

    With that being said, it's still important to keep in mind what all your guests will like and play music that can be reasonably danced to (assuming you want dancing at your wedding!).  A good DJ should be able to feel the crowd and play a good mix, but don't be afraid to include a short list of must-play music you like too.

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    What you really need is to hire a great DJ or band.  The proper professionals will know what people want to hear and you shouldn't have to determine anything specific besides the "special dances".

    As a professional myself, I'd recommend finding a DJ or band who understands that there must be dance music from a variety of decades to appeal to all age groups.  You also want to find someone who can read a crowd well to determine if they need to change what they are playing or stick with it longer.

    For "special dances", do whatever you want.  But I'd recommend staying away from anything that doesn't have a strong beat for dancing (either slow or fast, no medium), and wasn't popular in some decade for music that guests will dance to.  
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    Depending on the music, you can play at least a few songs intermingled with more popular stuff. If you really want people to dance, it's best to reserve the "weird" music for cocktail hour, since people generally dance more to songs that they know.
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