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Advice Needed --- Intimate Destination Wedding, at Home Open house to follow

I have been engaged for almost 3 weeks now :)  This will be my second marriage (Finances first), no children. I am not too interested in a full-on wedding and reception so my fiance and I have compromised and have decided to have a small ceremony in October with our parents at a destination resort a few hours away. We are currently starting the phases of building a home, which should be done by August. We feel we should have an open house type celebration celebrating our marriage and new home. However, I am starting to wonder if the timeline of the house being completed and holding the open house there is too tight. Anyone have any experience with this?

We live in a climate where past the Fall timeframe we experience snow until about March. So the only other option I can think of is to hold everything off until Spring 2015 or to go ahead with the ceremony in Oct then the open house the following Spring. Is this too long to wait?

Also, is there anyone here with experience of hosting their own open-house for celebrating their marriage?

Thanks for any suggestions! xo

Re: Advice Needed --- Intimate Destination Wedding, at Home Open house to follow

  • My parents were married with only my aunt and grandparents in attendance.  My grandparents threw them a party for about 40 people 3 months later at their house to celebrate their marriage.  

    You should definetely do it after the October ceremony, because then it is a party to celebrate your marriage.  I don't think waiting until the Spring is weird.  My parents were married in the winter and waited until after snow season for the party.  People who live in snow climates (as I see many feet of snow on the ground outside my window right now), understand that events can't be thrown in the winter without the threat of cancelation due to weather.

    Do you think you could put off the wedding?  Then you could get married and have your party closer together.  
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