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July 4th wedding in DFW... need some suggestions please =)

July 4th is our ideal day to get married because it's the day of our first date. It's a 2nd wedding for us both, so we dont want to spend a lot of money or put our friends and family through the whole shebang again. He was married 25 years and I was married 12 years and it just doesn't seem appropriate.

I have a 4 year old that we really want to include in a ceremony, otherwise, we probably elope.

Any suggestions for a nice wedding in DFW (I like in FW)? At first I thought we could get married in a church (ideal, but not mandatory) and then have a big family picnic at the Gardens in the Park (Botanical Gardens) with the symphony and fireworks show. It's not traditional, and may not work well, but trying to think of stuff outside the box.

I REALLY need some help. I work full time and there's little brain space left to come up with creative and affordable ideas. Thanks ladies!


Re: July 4th wedding in DFW... need some suggestions please =)

  • Perhaps have a 3pm ceremony at a church followed by cake and punch at the church?  You can just serve that as long as you choose the time right.

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