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Cake & Punch Reception- Appetizers??

My fiancee and I are having a cake and punch reception. However, we want to provide some party platters/appetizer for those who like to munch. Is it cheaper to make them or buy them premade? Also, which stores have the cheapest selection and still taste good?


Re: Cake & Punch Reception- Appetizers??

  • Ditto @scribe95.  It may be cheaper to make them yourself, but then you have to buy, cut, slice, arrange, store, get platters, etc.

    If you have a Costo/Sam's Club membership they would probably be the cheapest option, but just do some price comparisons.  Every town is going to have different pricing.
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  • I don't know what region you're in, but Wegman's has great prepared foods, as does Costco. But really, any nice-ish grocery store should have good stuff.
  • Costco and BJs have great options but I agree with @emmyg65. Wegmans has great stuff if you have one nearby. They can do all sorts of custom party trays and their food is amazing,
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  • All the above suggestions, like your grocery store, Costco, BJ's, Sam's Club, Wegman's, etc. should have good party tray options.  There may be others available in your area too.  Check them out carefully.
  • Honestly, I'm a huge advocate of making it yourself. Not only is it cheaper, but often the quality is superior to that of the prepared trays you'd buy from the grocery store. 

    As long as you have the room to properly store it, you don't need to worry about these things the day of. Depending on what you prepare, you should be able to do prep work up to a few days in advance. 

    I'd recommend fruit, veggie, and meat, cheese, and cracker trays. You could also make some pinwheels (which are best made the day before consumption anyway). 
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