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trying to Incorporate Doctor Who

So we have our colors picked out for our wedding in OCT 2014. mint, emerald and purple! but im trying to incorporate Doctor Who in the wedding with out clashing with the colors, any suggestions?

Re: trying to Incorporate Doctor Who

  • phiraphira Bahstin member
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    Use circular Gallifreyan in your decor.
    now with ~* INCREASED SASSINESS *~
  • haha Im acutally trying to write it right now. I'm trying to write i do!

  • This website has some really cute stuff, it was a fake wedding (meaning all the vendors just wanted to do something super awesome) Good luck! My fiancé said no way to a Doctor Who wedding, but we are incorporating small touches here and there. My something blue will be a TARDIS pin on the inside of my dress and we have flowers made out of "The History of Time."
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  • well i have decided my something blue with a be a tardis garter belt
  • any suggestion on how to say i do, whovian style! Yes,  I was thinking i will be your companion for life!
  • I like companion for life. You could also say something like we're in this "together, or not at all." You're the fish sticks to my custard(ok, that one was pretty bad and anybody who doesn't watch might think it's gross). When you meet your fiancé at the altar you could also say something like "hello, sweetie" very simple, but classic (time travel that is) love story.
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    I just found this awesome piano version of the theme song that I will be walking down the aisle to!!! 

    Who is/was your favorite companion? You could walk down the aisle to their theme music.


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  • Tabatha, what a great song! Very well done.

    I had thought about incorporating the companion for life into our vows but then realized that The Doctor actually always loses his companions and they change. Suddenly it wasn't so sentimental to me, lol! But I still think it's great if you use it.

  • HaileyDancingbearHaileyDancingbear Arkham Asylum member
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    @tabithafaye I just have to share this, if you think this guys version of the doctor who theme song was impressive, check out this cover he did of an Infected Mushroom song- The song, Heavyweight is this super complex psychedelic electronic song incorporating both traditional instruments and warped vocals and tons of other electronic craziness, and the same guy in your video took all of that awesomeness, and put it all on the piano.  It's super impressive.  

  • My friend had some elements of dr. who in her wedding. They put little toy tardises and daleks hidden around the reception, so it was like little easter eggs. Her panties had a tardis ironed on and he wore a dr. who t shirt under his tux. lol!
  • I LOVE THIS!!! Huge Whovian here also considering incorporating some DR Who into our wedding!
    FI wants to do this elaborate entrance where we come out of a tardis and someone dressed as a dalek is waiting for us and we have a battle or something. I think its way to complicated and time consuming tho and no one will get it. I suggested he wear a fez and ill say "what in the name of sanity..." and one of the bridesmaids or groomsmen knock it off his head or something. :D
  • pinkshorts27pinkshorts27 Oregon member
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    So I know I am a little late to this party, but my FI's friends are Dr. Who fans and they walked in through the blue telephone booth. Super fun for them and got some pictures around it after the ceremony. They made it and painted it.  Let me see if I can find a picture without the bride/groom in it

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  • So I'm loving this thread, I'm actually in the middle of planning a very class fall doctor who themed wedding.  I'm getting married in October and we're having it at a local country club.  The doctor who themed touches are below: 

    favors--we're doing tardis and dalek chocolate molds 
    cake topper--is a tardis 
    invitations--are a custom designed water mark with the tardis design 
    table numbers--we're doing 12 tables so each table will be a different doctor 
    escort cards--will have the person's name, and will be "you'll be seated with the __ Doctor (ie: Jane Doe will be seated with the 3rd doctor, to mean she's at table 3) 
    vows--will incorporate doctor who themed language stuffs 
    our colors are royal blue and pumpkin orange (just doing the orange as accent colors for napkins and flowers and such) 
    I'll post pictures of the wedding once it happens in October.  

    If you want to bounce more ideas off of me please feel free to PM me. 
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  • I'm also doing a fall wedding and incorporating some Doctor Who into it!  My colors are shades of blue and my flowers are sunflowers (from Vincent and the Doctor- my favorite episode.
    I have several framed Van Gogh paintings that I'll display
    My pastor has agreed to wear the 4th doctors scarf
    My cake topper will be swarski (sp?) crystals that spell "hello sweetie" and the cake itself will have double hearts on it
    White chocolate tardis candies on each table
    tardis garter
    the STDates have "Alons-y!" and Circular Galifreyan on it.  The invites will have sunflowers with Gallifreyan watermarks
    Fiance will wear a bowtie while his guys wear regular ties
    The ceremony is outside near a pond.  There is a dock on the pond in the distance and we were thinking of getting a cardboard life-size tardis to sit out there.  It will be far enough away that no one will really know that it is only cardboard.

    I love the idea of each table being a doctor, but I think I will have more than 12 (or 13!) tables... and it's an outdoor seat-yourself reception so no escort cards.
  • well we're incorporating doctor who in, its not the theme! but these are some great ideas!! very dedicated!

     so far we have this
    FH is wearing the 4th doctor  scarf for the ceremony 
    I"M searching for bulk of bow ties, so i can take clothes pins glue them to em and have the table numbers on them
    groom cake is going to be a tardis
    garter is also tardis 
    our wedding bands are going to say FH- the doctor MIne is going to say companion on it also in Galifreyan through time and space

    thinking about making the boutiniers with sonice screw drivers in them.
     still thinking about other things
    and of course guys are wearing converse

  • I have also just decided that I am going to wear flats like this under my dress (it's outside so I dont' want to trip or sink into the ground with heels)

  • those are cute! have u though about getting heel protectors if u wanted to wear heels.

  • I thought about those but I'm tall enough as it is (5'9") and I'm a klutz!  lol  Grass + heels = disaster for me :)  I think I'll be more comfortable in flats (mentally and physically!  lol)  But thank you! 

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