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We picked a DJ

We picked a DJ!  BPM DJ Productions.  We're planning long distance, so he is sending us a contract that we'll send back with the deposit.  Go team wedding!P.S.  I'm sorry if it seems like I post a lot.  I just don't want this board to be completely dead. 

Re: We picked a DJ

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    I'm also going with Jake Hill of BPM. He's posted a lot of his work, things he experiments with, rigs he's made, and lots of other vids on Youtube. That really sealed it for me, because it showed me that he's really dedicated to his craft and wants to share it with as many people a he can. He also hooks up with DJ Kor and they'll do events together from time-to-time. only thing I wish he has as a regular piece of equipment was a video screen, but he said that if it's something the customer wants that he'll look in to renting one, and that all he does is pass the rental fee on to the party he books with. So far, he's been prompt with phone calls, eager to please, genuinely interested, and I get such a good feeling just talking to the guy. As if it's his whole mission to make us as happy as possible at the reception.
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