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Lost 30 lbs and worried the dress won't fit! Help!

Hi all! I am getting married in May 2014, and I bought my dress in June 2013 (about 6 months ago). I haven't seen it since. When I ordered it, I was a snug size 14 and since then, I have lost 30 lbs and I would like to lose 10 more pounds. I am so thrilled, but terribly nervous that the dress won't fit! I have my first fitting in the beginning of february and I feel like my body has changed so much that I either a) won't like my dress anymore, or b) the seamstress won't be able to make it fit like it should. I am about a size 10-12 now. What do you think? Also the dress DOESN'T have a corset back (zip up with covered buttons), but it does have lots of boning and structure.

In addition, does anyone know if bridal stores will let you exchange a dress or if they will buy it back? Help!

Re: Lost 30 lbs and worried the dress won't fit! Help!

  • First of all, congrats on losing the 30!  That's a huge accomplishment.

    If it's just one or two sizes, I'd suspect they probably could do it.  Also, a zipper back can be changed to a corset, which could help also.  Boning does make it more difficult to alter, though, so you won't know anything for sure until you try it on and have a seamstress look.  If you ordered 6 months ago, I'd think it'd be coming in soon!

    I don't think you'll have much luck exchanging or getting the store to buy it back.  Since most dresses are made to order, bridal stores only keep samples as their inventory.  You might be able to sell it online with something like Tradesy, but will probably have to take at least 40% off of what you paid for the dress new to sell.
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