Today I went to visit the Madison event center in Ky. I got to visit the available rooms, and look at the package prices, however no tasting. So my question, when selecting a venue that is an all inclusive venue, when are you supposed to taste the food? I don't want to just book something based on looks, and their food be crappy.

Re: Tasting?

  • The Madison was doing tastings the first Wed of every month.  You could call and ask if they still do that.
  • Great! Thank you
  • yeah, I was rather surprised when I first started looking at venues that couples are basically supposed to book a venue without ever tasting the food, since all of the places I looked at do tastings just a few months prior to the event- well after booking. I suppose events like Bridal shows are the only way to try most places...

  • I'm having that problem too. We booked our venue and because of FI's schedule we can't do our tasting until April for an August wedding. I'm worried. Plus we only get to try things for the meal and not the appetizers
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  • That's just crazy to me! Backwards.

    It would be rude to ask "if I book with you, but later learn I do not like your food, what is the process?"

    That would bea horrible experience. Even if you go off someone recommendation, just because they like it doesn't mean you will as well.

  • Our wedding is at the Netherland Hilton, and the service has been exemplary so far, so I think it's probably industry standard to do the tasting closer to the event. We had ours last month for our wedding on 2/15. It does make sense from a seasonal food-availability point of view, but I agree, it's backwards. 

    Also, lovelybride614, our tasing was the same- we sampled salad, entree and dessert accompaniment, but not hors d'oeuvres...
  • it does seem to be the standard but majorly backwards. 

    @dizzyedge, thanks, at least i know that part is normal
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  • I was worried about that too, because our venue doesn't do tastings until after you've put down your deposit!
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