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Okay ladies...I have been reading alot lately about how cash bar is tacky and the dollar dance is a big no-no at weddings. But around here is it the norm? I havent been to too many weddings but i believe they all had cash bars, dollar dance, auctioned the garter, tapping of the glass for a kiss and other things like that. Do you guys think it is tacky? Do you see those things alot around the South Dakota area?

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    Honestly, I don't care what is considered "tacky".  I find that people who tell others that something is "tacky" are "boorish".  So you trade one thing for another... and I would MUCH rather be tacky.So don't worry about what others say.  If you're having fun, no one will care.-Emma
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    Who cares if it's "tacky?"  We're having a dollar dance.  I've been to a few weddings and they've all had one of those.  Besides, it's your day, you can do what you want. 
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    I agree with do what you want. We are doing a cash bar because an open bar is just not a possibility with our budget and our guest list. I don't believe I am doing a dollar dance but I don't think I have been a dance that hasn't had one - so i don't think there Alot of people that thinkd its 'tacky'.
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    I definitely think it is the norm around here. I've been to a lot of weddings lately...every one of them has had some form of a cash bar. Some have free beer and wine for a set amount of time, some have open bar for a set amount of time, some have a few kegs and everything else cash, some have straight cash bar all night. I see dollar dances/garter auctions very often also. We can't have an open bar either because it is not possible with our budget. It would literally cost us at least 5k with our guest list. I agree with what others have said also...who cares what they think! Its your wedding and you and your guests should have a great time without putting you in the poor house.
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    All the weddings around here have cash bars so it is locally accepted. However, I think it's important to offer a variety of drink choices to guests free of charge.  i wouldn't make people pay for their own drinks at a party at my house, why on earth would I make them pay on such an important day as a wedding.  Obviously, budget plays a role but I think everyone who has the means should provide properly for their guests.  It's the classy thing to do.
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    My fiance and I are getting married in Brookings with the reception at old sanctuary reception hall.  This place offers a beer and wine bar only, we can make it open or cash.  With a guest list of over 400, we can't afford to feed them and provide free booze.  I've been to plenty of weddings with cash bars, these days open bars are just too spendy.  Also we are providing a never ending punch fountain to guests and our caterers will keep the pop, lemonade, and water flowing freely.  ;)
    As for the dollar dance thing, that's seems to be a major tradition in this area and I'm doing it.  We're dropping some major dough for this day so I would hope it's not a burden to put in a buck to help us pay our bills/rent/whatev.  As for the garter auction, I personally feel those are tacky and get to be very greedy.  One shouldn't be hassling guests to give their money.  But that's personal opinion, your day is your day and you do what you like ;)

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