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Hi everyone. I know this has been addressed a bit before, but here goes anyway. I'm looking for a DJ and have no idea who to go with. I've looked into BPM productions and a little into DJ Jer. I've heard only great things about DJ Jer, but I am wondering if those who have recommended him have actually had him or one of the other DJs who work there. I'm pretty sure DJ Jer is one of the more expensive companies. Obviously I would like to keep the cost as low as possible but I still want my guests dancing all night!Has anyone used either of these companies and have any reviews? Or any other DJs they recommend? Thanks ladies!

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    I haven't really heard to much about either of those. I've heard DJ Jer is really good by the lady in charge of our reception venue.  But EVERYONE I talked to said remember with DJ's you get what you pay for. And most times the dance is what the guests will remember so keep that in mind. I went with Engery Productions for my DJ. They're more of a younger crowd DJ as they go for the "night club" feel with their bigger packages....but perfect for us since we're younger 20's.I have heard terrible things about WOW Entertainment. Complete Music I've been told does a good job but I haven't heard spectacular things about them, but they were had a good price...I believe it was around 600..maybe? Also I've heard Garner with Dakota Entertainment is Amazing but he's 1200.00 (we checked) but there are also a couple more experienced DJ's there that I've heard do a really good job. The big problem I had with them is that their customer service with contacting me back was HORRIBLE... I always had to call them back until I got ahold someone.Like I said before you get what you pay for in a DJ and they're in charge of entertaining your guests for 4 hours :)hope this helps!
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    We booked DJ Jer and had done a lot of looking around and "listening" around.  I would also not recommend WOW Entertainment as my personal experience with them was that they are awful djs and their customer service is terrible.  We were talking with the owner/manager and he gave us a price and I told him I would call him/email him back the next week.  No answer from him until a few months later when they sent out their NEW PRICE LIST for the new year... had gone up considerably AND wouldn't acknowledge the price they had given us previously.  Which was fine because we had actually decided on going with DJ Jer.  It costs a bit more coin, but honestly, people aren't going to remember a monogram on the napkin,  or the color of the linens, they're going to remember the music... so we spent more money there.HTHEmma
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    We're using BPM.  I honestly couldn't justify spending over a grand on DJ services.  FI did the searching for DJs and picked him.  I'll know the result in six months. 
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    Has anyone heard anything about Acoustix Entertainment out of Sioux City?
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