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50's style reception

Hello all!

I am new here! I have been with my FI for 7 years. We just recently got engaged. But anyone who has been with someone this long knows that you have been planning for a while. :) HaHa

I am thinking of a 50's style reception. But am super torn between an elegant Grace Kelley Garden party kind of reception and a super fun and upbeat Bettie page like reception. When you are torn between two "extremes" how do you even start to choose!?! :)


Re: 50's style reception

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    Go subtle.  You can infuse certain elements into the decor, music, etc. but of course you can't ask your guests to wear anything special.  Maybe you can serve vintage inspired drinks, use vintage Coke bottles, or make table numbers out of 50s advertisements.  I think what you don't want to do is go over-the-top and it looks like a theme party instead of a wedding.  So, no dictating to your guests what to wear, don't plaster the walls with posters, don't cover every possible surface with black and red polka dots, don't buy every 50s thing you can find at the flea market and pile them on the tables.

    As for choosing between those two themes, it's really up to you but I love the idea of a Grace Kelly elegant look.  It can be elegant with vintage touches without screaming, "Theme!"
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    Love the elegance of the Grace Kelly theme.  
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    I was thinking some small elegant touches, like old Polaroid cameras set up for a guest book for people to take pictures with. A small record sticking out of the flowers with the table #.  

    I love the old ad's idea and the glass soda bottles. I thought about those big silver wash bins filled with ice and glass bottles. 

    I want to avoid the... The 50's threw up in here look. :) 
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