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Christmas in July?

Anyone getting married on 7/25/14?  We are doing a Christmas in July theme as we were originally supposed to get married in December two years ago.  I'm excited to think about the snow in the hot heat :D

Re: Christmas in July?

  • I am!! Me, me, me!!

    This is my mother's birthday and Christmas in July is always how I remembered the date.  We aren't doing a Christmas theme, but I bet that will turn out lovely.  It was the only date available at the venue we really wanted and she is honored to share the date.  It's quite exciting, just about 200 days until we get married ;)
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  • I'm excited we are doing it on a Friday, but after the 1st passed, it kind of hit me that we'll be getting married in less than a year!
  • I know, I've been getting random bouts of stress but I can't complain because I was the one who really wanted to do a wedding in 2014 (under a year of planning for me).
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  • Good luck with your Christmas in July theme! :) that sounds so fun! I am also getting married that day, we got engaged at Christmas time on our 11th anniversary. I was so used to celebrating our anniversary of our first date near Christmas so we picked "Christmas in July" we always go snowboarding on our anniversary maybe some day we will snowboard in South America or New Zealand on our new anniversary ;)
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