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Bride is in the military, how do you give a nod to her service at wedding?

I'm getting married in June and I'm active duty Navy. I'll be wearing a pretty white dress. Guys usually wear their uniforms to give nod to their service. Some people do the sword arch, but I will not have enough military members at my wedding to do that. However, I'd like to give a nod to my service at the ceremony. I was considering maybe instead of having an arch or flower arrangements to frame the ceremony of having the Navy flag on my side and the US flag on his side. Does anyone like that idea or have any others suggestions?

Re: Bride is in the military, how do you give a nod to her service at wedding?

  • If you fit the rank to have the saber arch, contact a reserve unit, OR ask your command. Also, I've heard the Chaplain's office can handle that also, but I'm not positive.

    The flags seem a little "banquet" to me. You could have a duplicate set of your dog tags made, and either have them attached to your bouquet, or sewn into your dress?

    you could also display a flag box at the sign in table, with a photo of you 2 that has you in uniform. A friend who's husband opted out of wearing his USMC Blues, used his Cap as deco at the guest book table, with a red rose propped against it. a dummy set of dog tags were laid over a portrait from their E-pic session :)
  • I like this picture idea. If you do engagement photos, maybe have some with you in your dress uniform and then use those set out? I was having that same question in my head but since my Fiance is also navy and wearing his blues, i figured that was good enough for me. You could use your cover, or just put pictures at each table of ships or stations you have been at. Beyond that, i have no clue...
  • Thanks for some replies on the military board. I cross posted on another board and a lot of people were really negative about doing anything. My favorite was "you aren't marrying the Navy". Ugh. Thanks for these ideas ladies!
  • please, we signed the contract!!! We married the navy LOONG before (sometimes) we met our to-be spouses. If we didnt love it as much as we, wouldnt even ask! If you have no good advice, dont bother commenting!! haha. Best of luck though. I have a board on Pinterest with Navy oriented stuff, but there really isnt that much out there for female service members. Im doing balsa wood ship models wiht ship names instead of table numbers and sillouettes of ships with people's names on them for the placecards/favors (magnets on back = take home!) but besides that, some blue on my dress, and blue bridesmaid dresses, I am kind of lost myself. If you find any good/great idea's i would love to hear them!
  • I just posted this on another thread:

    "For the reception though, we're having cupcake toppers made to look like AF ribbons (just some colored fondant), and instead of table numbers, each table will have a picture of one of the planes my FI has worked with and their names.
    We also have a photobook / guest book that outlines our history together since we met in college and our extended families really have no idea who this bride/groom is, and his service is also recorded a bit in there."
  • I've been the service member bride, attended the weddings of a few of my sisters and helped with a few more.  I've seen symbols of their service added to the bouquet or as a charm on the bouquet.  I've seen items added to table centerpieces.  I've seen an EGA added in white on white manner to a wedding cake.  I've seen a dual Army couple walk out of their ceremony to the Army Song.  
    I'm not a fan of the flag idea because I do agree that it seems a little too much like a banquet and just doesn't sit well.  
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  • Thanks for all the ideas ladies. I'm def nixing the flags. I think I'm going to do a blue and white bouquet with little Navy symbols mixed in (e.g., my old Midshipman anchors, the little officer shield from my khaki cover, my command coin, etc.). In a way it'll be a little like "wearing" my uniform. I think we are also going to get little anchor charms to tie around the centerpieces.
  • If you're still looking for ideas, I'm surprised you didn't mention cutting the cake with your sword ... that's what I'm doing! And, I'm going to hide my wings in my dress somewhere. We elected not to do the sword arch for other reasons, but whoever mentioned a reserve or ROTC unit is spot on, if you still want one. Other than that, I think fiance and I will have plenty of time to practice being married to the service w/o including a whole bunch of it in our wedding :D Best of luck!
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