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I just might implode

Laying on my bed with my laptop, staring at my gown and accessories hanging on the dressing screen in my room at my parents house. Almost all my stuff has been moved over to the apartment my soon to be husband and I will be sharing (wedding is this Saturday) so my room feels empty. It feels very surreal in the house right now. We keep slipping into old habits of, "hey next week can you do x y or z.?"  "mom, I wont be living here next week." Going to be a strange few days ahead of us O_o 

Re: I just might implode

  • Strange but exciting!!! Lol just start wearing a sign that says, "Moving out in 6 days!"
  • Congrats -- that's so exciting!! Thinking happy thoughts for you, and many prayers for a smooth wedding day!

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • It'll be weird, but fun! Think of it as a new adventure! Congrats and best wishes!

  • Just like Father of the Bride! "I keep feeling like I have to turn in my key."


  • Congratulations! What an exciting time!
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  • Congratulations.
  • thisismynicknameGrrArgh this is a very exciting time, congrats! Have a fabulous wedding day!


  • I am not sure why but I got a little weepy when I read that.  What an exciting time of your life.  Enjoy every minute of it.
  • So exciting!!! Eeeee! 

    all good stuff. congrats! 
  • Congrats!! That's very exciting!
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  • While my Fi and I already cohabit, we are constantly telling each other "I'm so excited to be experiencing this with you!" There are so many fun and new things happening right now: enjoy it!
  • FI and I also already live together. The past few days, there's been a lot of "I can't believe we're getting married in less than 9 weeks!" When his original ring arrived, I opened it, got on one knee, and asked him to marry me too. He laughed. I say original, because it turns out the size was wrong, so we had to send it back. Mine arrived yesterday- seeing it on next to my engagement ring was a heck of a moment. Now I'm dividing my attention between work and going "OMG I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO FOR THIS WEDDING!" FI is a trooper- quietly gets me a glass of wine and massages my neck while telling me with my OCD tendencies, there's nothing I haven't thought of, and I will have everything done by the end of the month.
  • *facepalm* and there we go.. my dad just reminded me I needed to get some stuff picked up in the house because we have company this weekend. Really dad? Ya think? 
  • GrrArgh said:

    *facepalm* and there we go.. my dad just reminded me I needed to get some stuff picked up in the house because we have company this weekend. Really dad? Ya think? 

    "Hey dad, think they can come next weekend? I'm kind of busy this weekend!" ;)
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