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NWR: Catholic + Nondenominational Christian

My FI and I are looking around for a church to attend that we both like, and we're considering looking into other denominations. FI was pretty involved in his home catholic church growing up, and likes pretty traditional catholic church services, but is slightly more theologically liberal than myself. I went to a church of christ/christian church (the non-acappella one) growing up and I prefer nondenominational churches. We currently attend my church one week and his church the next week. He wouldn't mind converting to protestantism but has been uncomfortable in the non-denominational services we've been to because they're so different from a catholic service. I like catholic services but there are some aspects of catholicism I would be unwilling to bend to (asking Mary/Saints for prayer mostly).

I think what we're looking for is a protestant denomination with a service similar to a catholic one with a relatively high amount of ceremony. Any suggestions? 

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    Try an Episcopal church.
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    im having a smililar issue fi is catholic i am christian orthodox we want to get married in my church but we want his priest to help officiate but on the catholic board i m being told he cant marry in my church  without loosing his rights to the catholic church
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    Sabinus15, just so you know, the Catholic wedding service does not invoke Mary or the saints.  I'm Catholic but my fiance is an atheist (although baptised in the Church of Scotland) and the only part of the ceremony that he was uncomfortable with from a non-religious point of view was the blessing of the rings section, which can be eliminated or modified (using different forms of the rites).  It might be worht checking out which lays out what the service would be like. Also, hyechica81, the Catholic board is right - your fiance must marry in the Church or else get a dispensation from form and a dispensation to marry a non-Catholic.  The dispensation to marry a non-Catholic is fairly easy to get, the other one is much harder unless you have a compelling reason (a family member who will be the minister, etc).  The Catholic priest will probably not be able to co-officiate.  You might want to ask your fiance's priest about applying for a dispensation from form if you are set on marrying in your church because if your fiance marries outside the Catholic Church without a dispensation from form, your marriage will not be recognised as valid in the Church and he will not be able to receive the sacraments.  Hope that helps!
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