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DIY Videography?

I would like to have some sort of wedding video, but I don't really have the extra budget for it. I've heard of a few companies who send you cameras (to have guests take video), and then edit it for you when you send them back. I've seen WedFlik, Wedit, and a couple others, but there are minimal reviews and they're pretty mixed. Has anyone tried a company like this, and were you happy with the results?

Thanks! :)

Re: DIY Videography?

  • @JessWho1

    I have heard of them but we're not going through any of them. We don't have the extra budget anyway so what we're thinking is having our own recorder / video camera set up and have one of the ushers control / move the camera (yes we already asked the usher and he agreed). Then we can edit it ourselves if we want or have my fiance's uncle edit it for us.
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