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We registered at Target, BB&B, and Macy's. We've had many things already purchased off the Macy's and BB&B registry, but we've received many complaints about the Target registry. Of the 25 or so things we have on the registry, only 2 are available for purchase online. This is very frustrating and we're thinking of shutting down the registry and opening another for the items on it at another store. Opinions?

Re: Target registry

  • Target is notoriously glitchy.

    They also have wildly different stock in-store and online.  That and the stock between stores doesn't always match.  If you registered in-store, it's very likely that your guests won't be able to find some of your items at their local stores.

    They are also a stickler for their normal return policy, which is 30 days.  Most times in life, 30 days is NBD.  But after a wedding, that can be cutting it a bit close.  Most of the other stores give you 6 months to a year to make returns.

    I would can it.  If you only have 25 items, just move them to BBB or Macy's.  I love Target for my everyday shopping, but not for weddings.  
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  • If you decide to shut it down you might want to simply hide it from public view and keep it open...deleting some items if you choose.  I did that so I could make sure my 10% completion discount would still be effective.  The 10% may have still worked anyway even if I did shut it down because I used it online and it took 10% off my entire cart--even things that weren't on the registry.
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