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Bridesmaid dress question

Hi ladies,

So, I'm in the beginning stages of planning, and I really want my girls to pick their own dresses, with a few guidelines...I really want short, knee length dresses in Navy blue. However, I'm getting married in it inappropriate to have short bridesmaid dresses?

Re: Bridesmaid dress question

  • Not at all. However, they may get cold, so if they want to wear leggings or opaque tights, don't be too harsh on them.
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  • I think that sounds fine, There are many times I wear a knee length dress to Christmas parties and don't think anything of it.

  • Not at all. As long as it is an indoor wedding which I'm assuming it is since its in December.  They can wear nude tights and maybe get some kind of matching jacket to wear when outside but otherwise I think it will be fine

  • You should try a tea length dress. My BM tried one on and I fell in love with it. If it had been up to me I would have put them all in it!

    (I let them pick their own so they would feel comfortable that day. I still love the dresses they're going to wear!)
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