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The bride's parents have been divorced for about 5 years, the groom's parents are still married. The bride's parents haven't been in the same room together (except for funerals) the entire time. PLEASE ADVISE on how to handle a meet-and-greet for both sets of parents to come together!!!


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    Well the parents of the bride need to keep their shit together long enough to have a nice meeting with the grooms parents.  They are adults so they should be able to do that.  If they can't, well you can always do separate meetings.

    But just so you know it is not imperative that the parents meet each other before the wedding.  If they do then that is great but it is not a necessity.

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    Unless everyone is long distance and this involves travel, I would recommend having the brides parents separately meet the groom's parents.  
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    Thanks for the help!
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    If you really want a single meet-and-greet then I'd invite a bunch of other people as well, so the tension will hopefully be diffused. 
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    Like my parents who had the nastiest divorce in history---they put their big kid underpants on and act like adults if you want them to meet at the same time however why not have them meet on different occasions?


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    What about a family/bridal party meet & greet? It will give everyone in the bridal party a chance to meet each other (assuming they may not already know each other) along with meeting your parents. You can even do a casual cook out. This way his parents can meet your parents (and the bridal party) but your parents don't have to spend the whole time sitting next to each other.

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