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August 1!

I'm hoping to secure August 1st, 2015!

Re: August 1!

  • I'm an 8/1/15 bride too!
    Anyone got a good timeline for an engagement this long? I'm having a hard time not trying to nail down everything right now!
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  • My goal was to set the date and secure venue (for a destination wedding) and then I'm on a hiatus until June!
  • Hey girls!! I'm an August 1, 2015 bride as well!!!!
  • @MrsKleespies I have a heard time not nailing everything down too!! Honestly, even though it's pretty far away, it actually isn't, lol. It's 2014 and I'm sure vendors are getting booked for 2015 already!  I only booked my venue & church, however, I am booking the photographer by February. 
  • OH wow that's great! I should start looking into photographers. I'm still waiting to meet with the travel agent. :S I think a lot of people got engaged over the holidays (including myself!) and so they are super busy right now!
  • Hi ladies! I am an August 7, 2015 bride (it will be 2 years from the day of our engagement)! I am planning the wedding from overseas and figuring out the best timeline is definitely the biggest challenge of it all, also the long wait! I get so excited going through everything!
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  • Hi ladies! I am an August 8, 2015 bride! I was engaged in October but we just got started planning! I am planning my wedding from overseas as well, but the long wait is mostly just because England is COLD most months and I wanted at least a year to plan!
  • 8/1/15 bride! We are already already less than a year and a half away from the big day! I am hoping to secure a venue by Spring. Started venue shopping this past weekend. One place already had the date booked and I am not compromising on the date! Got a lot of work to do, so trying to do as much now, so later it is more follow up and payments :(. I'm ready to get to the fun stuff!
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  • Hi! I'm an August 8th 2015 bride too. We got engaged on Thanksgiving, began looking at venues in January and we just put a deposit on our ceremony/reception site two weeks ago. I've started looking at some photographers online, but I'm waiting to secure any other vendors or go dress shopping until after June. I'm trying to spread it out so that it doesn't get overwhelming and to help pass the time.

    I feel like it's going to go buy sooo slow, but then again we have also been engaged 4 months and it doesn't feel that long at all.

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    I'm an Aug 1st Bride too! I got engaged Sept 2013 and we just locked down our venue last week! :) Thanks to Pintrest, I pretty much had my wedding planned before I got my ring.

    ETA: I'm currently researching Videographers and Up Lighting. The Photographer is booked already.

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  • FI and I are now searching for venues but we are hoping to secure our date for August 8th 2015 :)
  • August 8th 2015 bride!! :)
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    I'm an August 1, 2015 bride too and I've got my dress, ceremony and reception venue booked...well it is actually at my fiance's home church so I don't have to worry about that which helps a lot! I have also booked my photographer and I suggest getting on that next if you havent cause they book up fast!
  • I am an August, 1 as well. Just got our ceremony and reception venue booked last weekend.
  • I'm an August 1st, 2015 bride :). Got my ceremony and reception booked. I have my dress ordered and almost all of the accessories with it... got the photographer as well. :)
  • August 1 here too!  We just got engaged at the end of August, and we just got our ceremony/reception location booked (same venue), my dress ordered, and photographer/videographer booked.  About to order Save the Dates and hope to have those sent out by the beginning of December.  Currently working on the website too!  
  • August 1 2015 woot woot! Getting married on our 10 year anniversary :) We got engaged the first week of August 2014 and so far I've only booked a day-of coordinator and decided that it will be in Vegas. I thought that was going to be easier but there are TOO many options LOL! I haven't found a dress yet but I've been working on Save the Dates and those will be sent out by New Years as it is a destination wedding. I feel like time is flying by and that I need to make concrete decisions ASAP for the venue, reception and photographer!

    How is everyone else coming along??
  • Hi! I'm an August 8th 2015 bride too. We got engaged on Thanksgiving

    we got engaged over thanksgiving and our date is Aug 1st! :D
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