Brantford/Hamilton Small Venue

I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for reasonably-priced venues for a ceremony and reception in the Brantford/Ancaster/Hamilton/Burlington area.  We are looking to get married next November.  We've been looking at places like Spencer's in Burlington and Carmen's in Hamilton, but they are both outside of our price range.  We have about 80-90 people and are looking to spend $10k or less. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Brantford/Hamilton Small Venue

  • Have a look at the Lakeview in Hamilton on Van Wagners.  It is a venue that is owned by Carmen's but is less expensive than Carmen's on the mountain.
  • I've looked into the Lakeview.  After taxes and gratuities, it actually ends up being more expensive than Carmens!  I was so surprised when we figured out the numbers.
  • I had my wedding pictures done at Osler House I Dundas. The owners are wonderful. I do not know what their prices are like for wedding catering but it is a beautiful venue!
  • Oh wow, really? I hadn't looked into Carmen's but I was told the Lakeview is less expensive. A friend of mine got married at Festival Banquet Hall in Hamilton, she mentioned it was significantly cheaper than anywhere she had looked.  
  • I think that your wedding is too big for Osler House. I was very interested in using them as our venue but we were too big at 60 people. 
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