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Two photographers?

My fiance and I had two photographers-kind of by accident but it ended up working out. One is a well known photographer with a lot of experience. The other is still in school and trying to get her name out there(very cheap). Before seeing either of the sets of pictures we went ahead and booked the more experienced photographer. After seeing the pictures both did AMAZING. My fiance says it would be rude to book both for the wedding. He said making them collaborate and work together when they never have before isnt right. I see what he is saying but I think having both to get different shots would be great. Thoughts?

Re: Two photographers?

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    You need to check withe them (probably more so the experienced one) if they allow you to hire two photographers form different "companies." Most established photographers require that you only book them them and if you want a second shooter, you book them through the photog as part of the package.

    If they have no problem with you booking both I think it is fine. I had a photog, his second shooter and a videographer and his staff at our wedding and everyone worked well together. However they are all professions with experience. The newbie might not understand how thing work and it could be a problem on your wedding day.

    That said I HIGHLY recommend having a second shooter to get multiple angles and different shots.
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    What @photokitty said. You need to check with the photographers first. It would be a great learning experience and exposure for your newbie and you will get totally different outcomes from both.
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    Yeah, when I have booked photographers for my DDs' weddings there has been a clause everytime about no other photographers allowed.

    The current one (DD #4  gets married in June) has some seriously strict rules about photography from others while he is shooting, and absolutely no other photography during the wedding.
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    Most professional photographers include two photographers in their packages. We hired MKD Photography out of MA and they were A-MAZING to work with and we have incredible photos from our wedding day.

    I personally wouldn't feel right hiring two different photographers for my wedding and I would assume that many pro's would not go for that either. I mean, would you hire two caterers? Florists? Cakes?
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    It is very important to have two photographers who are going to work together, not work independently from one another.  For this reason, you should really only hire a second photographer through the main photographer.   Nearly all photography studios will offer this as an option.
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    A second photographer is common, but the main photographer needs to be the one to pick the second photographer so that they can work together as a team. If you book two photographers separately it will be a mess.
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    I'm kind of in the same position except both photographers are my friends (which I was against at first anyways but we aren't like BFF's so maybe it will be ok?) Both are amazing photographers sobut choosing one over the other is hard and (since I'm friends with each of them too). I'm just going to ask, would you mind if we had you and another friend doing pictures (ie one on me and FI, the other doing family, decor, etc first then switching) If they don't want to do that idk what to do :( And both are offering me like ridiculously reduced rates bc we are friends. Both of their styles are different (as are mine and FI's!). 
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