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  • Hi everyone! We got engaged on 9/17/13 while on vacation in OCNJ! It was very much a surprise to me! We have a tentative date of 7/11/15. We have to check a few things with the venue...make sure it's going to be available that day and all that. I'm excited! I'm trying to start planning a little now because this year is going to be extremely busy for me. This will be my first wedding...second marriage. My first marriage was a J.O.P. thing. This is my fiancée's first marriage and wedding. My oldest daughter (she is 19 years old) is getting married this July and my BFF is getting married in September. I just feel like if I wait till after their weddings, I won't have much time left and I don't want to feel rushed. Anyway, what are done good colors for July? I was thinking purple, yellow, black and white. I just love how purple and yellow look together. Anyway, any input would be appreciated! Good luck to you all as well! I look forward to getting to know you all better as well.
  • yay for the board! 

    I got engaged 4.10.13 and our date is 7.11.15 in San Jose, CA.

    Right now we've only paid for the venue. We have an idea of everything else but nothing is set in stone yet. We are giving ourselves from now until the end of the year for planning/final decisions so we aren't stressed during the wedding.

    Good Luck and happy planning!
  • Date Twin!
  • Hello! We got engaged 03/06/2014 and are getting married 07/11/2015. Started dress shopping this sunday, We are getting married in Las Vegas and trying to find a venue we are comfortable with is harder than I thought. No Chapel and Nothing cheesy. I cannot wait to follow all of you.
  • Congrats, ladies! :) I got engaged 12/25/13 (Christmas... Creative, huh? ;) ) and am getting married 7/18/15! It still seems so far away!

    As of right now, I am not very far on wedding planning. We have our venue booked, engagement photos set up, and I have tried on some dresses. I think a lot more planning will get accomplished when I get out of school for the semester.
  • @HeatherH92 You got engaged shortly after I did and we are wedding date twins!
  • Hey everyone!!!! We got engaged 12/24/13 and our wedding date is 7/10/15 we booked our venue chateau briand in long island ny. I haven't done anything else yet and I'm stressing because I don't know where to start.
  • @FutureMr&MrsG Yay! Congrats! How far are you on your planning?
  • @FutureMr&MrsG Yay! Congrats! How far are you on your planning?

    We have the venue booked and in the package it includes the cake, flowers, dj, photographer, limo and linens. We need to meet with all the vendors to choose what we want. The only thing we have chosen so far is the dj.
    I'm always looking at dress and decoration ideas.
    How is your planning going?

  • Wow! I just realized this board is live. Exciting! Lots of date twins (triplets? quadruplets?) as we're getting married on July 11, 2015 in Piedmont, CA. It's the 7th anniversary of when we met. We got engaged on 12/31/11, but have both been in grad school (he was in law school and I'm now getting my MPA. Finally getting married will be the celebration for my graduation that may.

    Super excited to start planning, for real, finally. We have our wedding party and a venue. We live in NJ, so I've just started getting quotes for catering and flowers. We're going home this fall to hire everyone else. I really was tempted to find a place that was more inclusive, but I loved the church/guild hall too much to choose anyplace else.
  • @Meli625 finally someone that is getting married on 7/10

  • MELI625 said:
    Hey everyone!!!! We got engaged 12/24/13 and our wedding date is 7/10/15 we booked our venue chateau briand in long island ny. I haven't done anything else yet and I'm stressing because I don't know where to start.
    14 months until we get married :) 
  • Okay I feel weird posting here since I'm not officially engaged yet.  He bought the ring, we have the date, now he is just waiting to ask my father.  But anywho I'm Lissa and we are taking the plunge 7/11/15 which I see is a popular date on this board so far :)


  • Hi everyone :)
    We are set to marry July 18th. Got engaged March 17.
    I live in Iowa and wow I'm finding it really hard to find nice places! I have a fee selection choices but we'll see how it pans out.
    Congratulations to all of you ladies on your engagements and up-coming weddings!!
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    @LauraD2015‌ congratulations!!!! I'm so excited. How far along are you with the planning?
  • I have everything except for catering... and the details of the reception. How about you?
  • @tahliakc we are date twins!
  • Hi! I'm Lisa. My fiancé Ryan and I got engaged on Christmas and will be getting married July 18 2015 in Clearwater Beach, FL!
  • Hi @Lisaama1984 Congratulations! We share the same wedding date :)
  • Yay thanks, congrats to you too! Good day to be married ;-)
  • Hi Everyone....congrats!! FI and I got engaged 1/11/14. We don't have a date just yet, we are waiting on the venue. I am hoping for 7/31/15. We have our first venue to look at this weekend and it may be the one. So excited!!!
  • I just got a place booked for 7-18-2015 as well! Good choice! Fiancé and I tried for June 13 but found out that it'd be a nightmare in Omaha. Apparently it's college World Series weekend then..
  • Hello everyone and congrats! My name is Di. FI (Matt) proposed on 6/1/14 and our wedding will be on 7/24/15. I've gone a bit overboard and have already bought my dress, booked a DJ and booked my venue (today!) I look forward to getting to know all of you here!
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  • Engaged 4/3/2014 and wedding is 7/18/2015!

    Booked venue in McKinney, TX! I think we are pretty far along for a July 2015 wedding!

    Congrats to you all!

  • We got engaged on 4/13/14 and we're getting married on 7/25/15!! Any other date twins out there??
  • Hi all, I am in for July 18, 2015! deep in to planning, very excited!
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    Congrats Wedding day twin! @Valkaye 

  • We got engaged on Mother's Day and are getting married on 7/3/15. I've booked the ceremony and reception venue so far. And bought my dress. So much to do...
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    Hello!  I'm super excited for this group!  I am a semi-regular on TheBump right now and I don't know what I would do without those ladies :)  We got engaged on 4/30/14 (my birthday) and are planning a Friday night wedding for July 31, 2015.  So far we have the venue kind of booked.. She penciled us in and we are signing the contract next week, seems so official!!
  • Congratulations Everyone!

    We got engaged 09.19.13 and will be married on July 26, 2015.  Have done TONS of research so I have a millions ideas and plans but only signed contracts on the ceremony venue so far.  Although that was one of the most important aspects to me and I am beyond thrilled we got it.  Planning a destination style wedding weekend in Chicago since at least half of our friends and families are from out of state.  So excited to put it all together!!
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