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Because I love cooking and my fiance loves to eat, we've deicded to buy an oversized white platter for our guest book. Guests will sign their names on the platter with various color permanent markers and there will be accompanying cards to write a message (our parents suggest this as many people want to write a message and there simply isn't room on a platter).

Do we need to explain why we're doing a platter? I was thinking of putting a sign next to it saying "Because she loves to cook and he loves to eat, sign our platter yada yada yada."

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    Maybe have some people pre-sign the platter and write cards to you, so that at the reception, you can set it up without having to put out a sign?
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    I would put a little sign that says something like "Please sign your name" without any further explanation.  If you are concerned that people won't get it, I would let your wedding party/siblings/parents/whoever know that you chose to do a platter instead of a book.  Then, they can explain it to anyone that doesn't get it at the reception.
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    People sign so many things at weddings now (I've seen the platter before and thought it was a guest book you could actually use!) that I don't think you need a huge explanation or cutesy sign unless you just want one.

    I agree, have people in your wedding party pre-sign it and then think about a small "Sign your name!" sign.
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