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  • Another April 11th here!
    We're also planing on doing STDs with an engagement photo. My fiance really likes the magnets so we'll get those through VistaPrint.
    As to what we've checked off, we've got our venue and just got our photographer this past weekend. I feel behind compared to some of you!

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  • April 18th in NJ!

    We have the church, venue and videographer. Working on the photographer, DJ and florist... FOB is a lawyer and makes sure every contract is perfect. It's a blessing...and a curse haha.
  • 4/18 in New Orleans!
  • I was able to get 50 STD from Vistaprint for $25. They came out great. Also, they are magnets and are of good quality. I was very happy with them. I was planning on getting my invites from them or possibly wedding paper divas.
  • 4/18 in mobile, alabama

  • Hi! My name is Danielle and my fiance's name is Ian. We are getting married April 11, 2015 at his parent's ranch in Southern CA! We don't have anything else booked yet. Hoping to get lots of help from friends and family. So excited!! 
  • Hi everyone!  I'm Michelle and my Finance's name is John.  We set the date for April 18, 2015 at Newport, RI!  So far we've only booked the venue (which includes food, open bar, linens, roof on our head, hehe)  So excited to hear everyone's progress!!

    Question:  Since our wedding's are still over a year away, when do you think it would be best to send out Save the Dates?

    Thanks girls! :)
  • Hey Girls... I'm Laura and my fiance is Will,we have been together 12 yrs [crazy i know]
    Our wedding date is 4/10/15 we are getting married in the Chicago suburbs with about 250 guests!!! We are both Irish so a lot people from out of town. We have our band and cake sorted so far! Alot to do yet!

    As its early spring do you ladies have thoughts of colours yet? Don't think i want it to be Easter looking!!!

    Thanks x
  • From what I've been reading, Save the Dates go out about 4 months prior, and invites go out about 8 weeks prior?

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  • All the time lines I've seen have said save the dates should go out between 6 and 9 months, or even closer to a year out if you want.

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  • I picked royal blue and yellow for my colors. For my flowers there are so many Spring flowers that come in yellow. This allowed me to include the Spring feel but also have colors that had some brightness to it. 
  • As far as STD's I heard that people begin to start sending them out anywhere from a year before the wedding to 6 months. 
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  • Hey y,all! My name is Kendra and my fiance's name is Tyler. We're planning to get married April 11th of 2015 in Las Vegas! Our date is kind of flexible though since we haven't booked yet, but I def want it in April. :)
  • Hey everyone, my name is Jen and my fiance's name is Chris.  We're getting married on April 24, 2015 in Philadelphia.  Close to all you 4/25 brides, but Friday worked out better for our budget :)
  • Hello my name is Nyasha my fiancé and I are getting married 4/8/2015. He and I are wanting to do a small informal beach wedding here in central fl I am looking for advice and or ideas from others that had diy beach weddings in central fl
  • Glad to finally see some April 11th brides here! :) 
  • 4/18/15 in NJ!
  • Hi Everyone! We're set for 4/18/15 in MA, purposely to have school vacation week to follow! We have a one year old little girl and we need our friends in the teaching world to take care of her while we take a short honeymoon.

    We were aiming for June/July to send out STDs. We've had the date booked since last September, so the majority of friends and family have it set aside anyway.

    A few of my friends have recently got engaged and they're looking towards next spring/early summer as well, and we're all so excited to be in the same season! It makes me even more excited.

    Congrats everyone! Looking forward to April chats :)
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    Hi everyone, I'm Jessica! My FI and I just booked our wedding for 4/18/15 in NJ! We are so excited :).
  • I'm Rachel and my fiancé is Steve. We originally wanted to get married on August 8, 2015, which would be our fifth anniversary, but it turned out to be a lot cheaper to get married in the off season, and even more so to get married on a Sunday, so our wedding date is August 26, 2015. We're getting married in the Detroit Metro area. 

    So we have our ceremony/reception hall booked, I ordered Save the Dates, and I think I have a dress picked. 
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  • April 24, 2014, New Yok, NY :-)


  • Another April 25th bride here. Our venue picked our date as it was the only April date they had left! My name is Megan and my fiance Richard and I are getting married at the Georgian Terrace Hotel in Atlanta, GA. Just booked our photographer tonight so I'm super excited!
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  • I'm Stitches and my FI is Stitches' FI. Sorry, no names here ...

    We're looking at 4/18/2015 in the Northern Plains, but we might have to shift to 4/25/2015 for our officiant who might have a convention. We'll know for sure after next weekend.
  • April 1st here! Syracuse NY! Hi!
  • Another April 25th!

    All you other 4/25-ers have seen that clip from Miss Congeniality, right? Please google "The Perfect Date" if you have not, and then giggle a lot.

    Also, fiancé is Brandon and location is Waterloo, Iowa.
  • April 11 in Iowa :)
  • Hello ladies, my name is Nichole and my soon to be hubby is Alvin. We are getting married on April 11th Which was the day we had our first date.
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    Hi! My fiancé and I are getting married on April 18th in central Pennsylvania (this also happens to be my grandparents anniversary which is part of the reason we chose it, originally we were deciding between the 18th and the 25th).
  • Where in Iowa, RachelLee?
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