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FI and I are planning our wedding to hopefully be in August of 2015.  August seemed like the best month because it is not too hot and not too cold (we're in ON, Canada BTW).  We have yet to book a venue, but when we do we will set a definite date and then we'll know for sure.  Our colours are going to be a lilac and light blue.
What are your weddings going to be like?  What do you have booked?

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  • Congratulations!
    My fiancé and I just got engaged this past Christmas Eve. We have only made appointments to see two venues, but nothing is really set in stone just yet. As for our vision, we've decided on tiffany blue, white and gray. My fiancé is from the Jersey Shore area, which is where we decided to have our wedding. We thought a beach theme just seemed natural. 
    Good luck with your planning! :)
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  • Congratulations! Our date is 8/15/15. I'm currently in grad school, and we wanted to have enough time to save for exactly what we want - plus we have a fairly large guest list (165). We are getting married at a vineyard in CT. Already put the down payment on the vineyard and caterer (the two are separate). Meeting with a photographer on Saturday, and I know I am using a close friend who knows our style very well for flowers. After that, I think we won't do any other planning until January of next year :)
  • Hi @doeydo! I didn't know your wedding was so far off...I see you everywhere around here and figured you were one of the old regulars :D

    Our date is 8/1/15, and our ceremony and reception will take place at the university where FI works. It's a good central point for our family and friends, we have a lot of positive association with the school, and FI can get us booked for free!
    The only other things we've really planned have been the officiant (friend of ours), and the food at the reception (taco bar, our very favorite food). It's still such a long way off, I feel silly nailing anything else down right now. 
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    Congratulations to you ladies too.  

    @MrsKleespies LOL I guess I am on here a lot, but I only started posting regularly last summer when FI and I got engaged.  
  • Hello everyone!! I'm so happy we got our own board now haha! FI & I are getting married 8/1/15 at The Madison Hotel in Morristown, NJ! I'm so excited to finally meet 2015 brides! :) 
  • Hi everyone! I am so glad to see others are already in planning mode for an august 2015 wedding. My fiancé and I got engaged on Christmas and I have started researching and calling vendors so I can set a realistic budget but some of my friends think I'm starting to plan too soon. I am also still working on my bachelors degree full time and working full time so I want to be able to juggle everything and manage to plan the wedding we want t have.
  • Hi everyone! FI and I have been engaged since August 2013and just put a deposit down over Christmas for our dream venue, the Pleasantdale Chateau, in NJ, for Aug.7, 2015. We live overseas, so I am curious to see how the wedding planning will go, hopefully the vendors are comfortable with Skype!
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  • Congrats! We got engaged in December and are planning on either Aug 15 or 22 of 2015. We picked August because a) it's good for our parents due to being their off season with work, b) it's usually gorgeous weather here (Calgary, AB, Canada), and c) being Canada, I really didn't want to have guests travelling in the winter.

    I thought we were planning super early, but we went to talk to the venue we really want and they're fully booked up for summer 2014 and have already had inquiries for summer 2015. So I guess we're planning at the right time!
  • @AussieCat42, I had the same issue! As my fiance and I live in Europe, and are planning a wedding in NJ, we had decided that we would look at venues while we were stateside for Christmas holidays. More than one of the venues already had bookings for August 2015, and the venue where we will actually be married was completely booked for 2014 and was starting to fill for 2015 also! On the same note, I went to look at a wedding dress with my mom, she wanted to be there to see me try on some things, since I will probably buy my dress out here, alone, and they said that many of the dresses require some 10 months of alterations! I guess in the end, between one thing and another, you need at least 18 months to get things done right! Congratulations to all the Aug. 2015 brides!
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  • I have been engaged since July 2013 and am planning a wedding for August 8th 2015. Most of the vendors I already booked let you know on their websites to get an early start because they are booked solid a year out. My baker already had a couple of other couples booked for my wedding weekend when I went for a tasting in December.
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  • @SammiNJonni I also got engaged in July 2013 (4th). I just finished grad school in December and I already feel behind the ball. We just looked at venues in RI (where I'm from) and MA. It's hard planning out of state and was definitely disappointed to not have a top 2 out of the weekend. A lot of places are booking quickly its a little nerve wrecking!
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  • @LaVaH112 It is nerve wrecking planning out of state. I am in FL right now finishing my BA and my wedding will be in PA. What helped me is my mom lives in the town where my wedding will take place so she was able to tour venues for me etc and I would stay in contact through email with the vendors. I even did a skype interview with our officiant.
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  • @SammiNJonni yes my parents are still in RI, so mom will be there to help. I might need to setup Skype for her, so I can see too.
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  • @SammiNJonni and @LaVaH112 i feel both of your pain! I am planning a NJ wedding from Europe! Skype has become my new best friend!
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  • From Europe @loro929...I will stop complaining lol wow now that's a destination wedding. Are you from NJ or Europe?
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  • @LaVaH112 I am from NJ, but have been out here for some years now and wanted to get married in my home state. I willingly knew what I was getting into beforehand but sometimes I feel myself wishing I could be there to actually meet vendors, see the flowers first hand, taste the cake (hehe, of course!)...etc etc. :D ! Happy Valentines Day to all my fellow Aug 2015 brides :)
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    I just booked the venue and paid the deposit!  My wedding date is going to be Sunday August 2, 2015 (long weekend).  Outdoor ceremony then indoor brunch reception.  :)
  • Congrats @doeydo I hope to say the same by April the latest! Time is ticking a little fast! *biting nails*
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  • Hey all! My name is Diana! My wedding is August 14th, 2015! We have been engaged since December 13th and we are getting married at the Olde Mill Inn in Basking Ridge! Girly801, I was JUST at the Madison Hotel in Morristown yesterday to listen to a potential DJ! Beautiful pick! I love seeing all the NJ brides in this forum!!! Congrats all!
  • Hey all, I'm late to this party but I'm 8/8/15. Booked the venue, bought the dress...have yet to make the guest list, because I am

    This baby knows exactly how I feel
  • Hi all I'm late as well we are looking at 08/7/2015 in the Bahamas!
  • Hi everyone! I've been engaged since June 17th. Our date is set for August 8th 2015 and our wedding colors are Royal blue, Silver, White and a lil bit of lavender purple to accent. We're looking into venues now in Maryland.
  • Hello!  We just got engaged August 29th, 2014 and will be getting married August 29, 2015 (total coincidence).  I have the church, reception site, food, dj and photographer all booked and deposits paid.  Guest list is started and we're looking at around 200 people.  Our theme is "Two Less Fish in the Sea" because we met on so our colors will be blue, and maybe an aqua or teal color.  Food will be a fajita and enchilada bar.  I am seriously considering doing my own wedding cake.  I currently work and am a full-time grad student, and FI is planning to go back to school starting next spring, so I tried to get as much of the big stuff taken care of as quickly as possible so I could concentrate on school.  Luckily, I already had the entire wedding planned in my head before he proposed, and he has liked all my ideas so far, so that has moved things along quite nicely! :)
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  • Hi Everybody! We got engaged last week and we're getting married August 29, 2015. This is all so exciting! I've booked a pretty farm with a barn and an orchard that can host our ceremony and reception, met with my favorite florist, booked a photographer, and ordered save the dates. I'm designing my menu this week and will be cooking with my aunts (I'm not crazy. I manage a farm-to-table restaurant and have worked as an event coordinator and as a caterer. Plus, I've line up one awesome culinary student to handle day-of food coordination.)

    I have a weekend planned with my sisters/bridesmaids in November to try on dresses and gab. My fiance is working on booking a band. We'll have probably 150 or so people. Most of my extended family usually does the church-then-ballroom sort of wedding, so I'm a little nervous that they won't love that mine is mostly outside, but I bet it will be fine.We're really just going for FUN. I want our families and friends (and, heck, us too!)  to be able to relax and enjoy each other. I'm feeling relaxed about the whole thing so far. I can't wait!
  • My fiance and i got engaged in May of this year in front of the sleeping beauty castle at Disneyland where a lot of people gathered and cheered us on. We are getting married 08/28/2015 in Kauai at The Beach House. it will be a destination wedding, but we have about 80 people that are going. i know destination, but most of our family and friends are planning to go. We booked our venue, ceremony site, photographer and our florist, will be my aunt. I also bought my dress already and planning to buy bridesmaids dresses within next month. exciting!!!!

  • Hi everyone! I"m recently engaged (Oct 25th) and we are almost finished planning our wedding (Aug 16th). We will be married at the Hyatt Chesapeake Bay on the Eastern Shore of MD. Everything is booked (venue, menu, photographer, DJ, cake) with a deposit except flowers and my gown. I have an appt for my gown on Dec 18th. I wil look into flowers after the 1st of the year. Our colors are navy and yellow with a nautical/MD theme. This is a second marriage for both of us and I couldn't be happier! Looking forward to chatting with everyone and "hearing" details and exchanging ideas and thoughts. :)
  • My FI and I got engaged on 8/21/14 and are getting married on 8/21/15! We are getting married OOT - Lake Tahoe, CA. I have family who lives in that area. Will be an intimate wedding (30 guests) and OOT for nearly all. No wedding party, either!

    I have ceremony and reception booked, photographer, ordered my dress, sent save the dates, and booked bakery. Other big things to be done: book officiant (in correspondence with the lady I think we'll book - and we have been working on ceremony/vows), order invites, book flowers, get FIs attire, and book travel/lodging for us. Lots of small to dos on my list as well!

  • This is a second marriage for both of us so things are much easier to plan this time around lol. We are having a casual yet classy luau wedding/reception set in a local park/lake. No formal wedding party aside from my son who will be the ring bearer/best man and my best friend/MOH.

    We have the following booked/paid in full:
    stationary (invites/rsvps/customized postage)
    caterer/hawaiian pig roast
    entertainment/hawaiian musicians & hula dance show
    boudoir session (for FI's wedding gift)

    Biggest task thus far is just finding the perfect dress!
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