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  • Some of you March brides are under the year mark now! Woohoo!!
  • March 21st 2015 is our date! Cant believe the year countdown will begin at the end of this week. So excited!
  • @sjlammert, my date is the same! Happy -1 year anniversary!
  • Wow!  A lot of March 14ers in here!  We are also a March 14er!  haha.  It's our 5 year anniversary :)  
  • I am also March 28th!  It was picked since my husband to be has his birthday on March 31st, so for his birthday he wanted his new wife and a vacation.  How could I possibly say no?
  • gogracegograce member
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    We're March 15, 2015 aka The Ides of March. 
    We're both English education majors graduating in December and hopefully will both be teaching by the wedding. This is our ideal wedding day because of all the fun anniversary trips it'll give us an excuse to take. (England to see a Shakespeare play in the Globe Theatre sounds killer!) 
    Venue is booked. :)
  • Hi, Pi bride as well. We both are a bit nerdy (FI is a biochemist), so we couldn't pass it up. Originally I wanted 10/4/14 (i am a police officer, and he didn't want a long engagement), but everywhere we kept looking was already booked. I started looking at other dates when I realized Pi was on a weekend. Our favor is going to be Apple Pi moonshine.
  • I'm March 7, 2015!  I'm a teacher so I'm picking right before spring break so I can have a honeymoon without losing any time off!
    That's what we are doing too - we are both finishing up college, so our date will be March 14, 2015 and will not have to be back in school until March 23rd.
  • March 21, 2015 first day of spring with new beginings.
  • im a march 6th bride!! getting really excited i know the next few months are going to fly by with all the holidays coming up 
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  • March 15, 2015 bride!
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