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I'm sure this sort of questions has been asked before but I wasn't able to find any of the threads. FH and I starting dating in grade school and broke up for a few years in high school and eventually made our way back to each other.  Any suggestions for a first dance song for us? FH is into country, I tolerate it but prefer alternative rock but I think we are both willing to compromise on genre.

Thanks :)

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  • @cehorning

    You and your fiance sound just like my fiance and I. Lol. Except switch the music tastes. I am the one who is into country.

    We compromised on Dean Martin's "Memories" as our first dance song.
  • I was hoping to find more posts on this topic as well, I'm the country one and we just can't come up with something!


  • He has come up with Then by Brad Paisley.  The words are really fitting but the style is a bit "too country" for me if that makes sense.  I like Keith Urban - Memories of us because it's a little bit more pop-y but I'm still not sold.  Was hoping for a little more feedback on this - especially since it seems to be a common dilemma.
  • How about Alan Jackson - Remember When?
  • Rascal Flatts- Bless The Broken Road, or Life Is a Highway.   LeAnn Times- Looking Through Your Eyes.  I hope the suggestions help.  
  • We danced to "Your Everything" from Keith Urban.

    I also agree with "then" from Brad Paisley & "remember when" from Alan Jackson or my first thought was "bless the broken road" as another pp suggested--sounds like you guys had a broken road along the way but it led you back to one another :)

    while they are country songs they are not "too country."

    as a compromise maybe "you are so beautiful" from Joe Cocker or "Wonderful Tonight" from Eric Clapton?  They don't have a mirrored meaning to the words and your relationship but are typically all around favorite artists.  Country songs have more "story" habits so that is easier to come up with more examples!


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