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Having 2nd photographer?

We want to have a second photographer for the ceremony... wondering if many brides choose to keep the second photographer for the reception as well and if so for how long? What is a standard on this? Or rather why would you want a second photographer longer so that I can see why this would be important. ALso any recommendations for affordable photo/vid would be awesome thanks!

Re: Having 2nd photographer?

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    CHeck your local board for video recs :) This is an international one
    I would recommend having the second shooter there from getting ready until cake/ first dances/ formalities are done. Typically the package includes the amount of time they are there. Some times you pay a flat fee and they are there the same amount of time at the primary photog. Ask each photog how they do it and the pricing. Personally, my second shooter was there the entire time, from getting dressed until the end of the reception, but that's what the package came with.
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