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Processional alternatives/creativity?

My fiancee and I (two women) are having a Jewish wedding this summer. It's traditional for both spouse to walk to the chuppah with their parents, and this is something that's really important to my partner's parents. However, my parents won't be attending, so I'm trying to think about ways to make the processional work for me--I've thought of walking in with a small group of friends, or by myself...still brainstorming! Anyone done or seen a clever solution?

Re: Processional alternatives/creativity?

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    Do you have any siblings or close relatives?  

    It sounds like your partner prefers to be traditional in her processional.  Will it matter if your processional deviates from hers?  If you don't have two siblings or close relatives that can escort you, I would suggest two of your closest friends in an attempt to keep the formality the same as your partner.  Do you have a good relationship with your future in-laws?  Would they feel comfortable escorting you up as well?  (I apologize if this is an odd suggestion.  I've only attended one Jewish ceremony and don't really know their protocol.)

    It's possible that trying to do something different might be misinterpreted.
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