Photographer under $2,500!

Hey guys!  I'm in search of a photographer that's within this budget.  I'm getting married on the North Shore, and live in Southern NH.  I am also getting married on a Friday, which will hopefully help me negotiate some prices as well!  Any good recommendations out there?

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    This is my friend's sister, she's amazing and really reasonable prices. 



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  • I think you can easily stay within that budget. Just start looking around. There are some photographers out there that will charge $4,000 but there are even more around the $2,000 - $3,000 budget.

    If you're looking for a REAL deal, check out His rates are very competitive and include two photographers.

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  • you should check out multiple photographers and see which styles you like. Different photographers have different styles so don't settle for someone within your budget if you guys don't like the style of the pictures, and it doesn't hurt to get a quote for multiple photographers.

    definitely check out
  • Thanks everyone!  I've reached out to many photographers, and I'm definitely on the hunt for someone who will shoot in a style that I like, and for the right price.  I am also getting married on a Friday night, and also eliminating the need for albums at this point to help reduce costs.  Daniel Doke offers a "bridal registry", where people can put money towards albums and whatnot as part of a shower/wedding gift, but this feels weird to me!

    Thanks for those suggestions above, I am definitely checking them out!
  • I signed a contract with - i don't have any results yet, but they are definitely within that price range.  You get to look at portfolios from a selection of photographers. They have sites across New England to have a consultation. 
  • The hardest part of our wedding was finding a photographer, so I feel understand what you are going through!! Like many others have said, don't settle for someone in your price range if you don't like their photos - go with someone who's style you really like.. those pictures last forever!

    Our photographer was definitely our biggest splurge, but I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone - Feel free to PM me with any questions regarding what we paid, etc etc!
  • Another recommendation is Andrea Jay 

    I just signed a contract with her, she is very flexible and her most expensive package is 2,000. Andrea doesn't have any travel costs(at least with me she didn't). If you have any other questions feel free to PM me. 

  • Our photographer is Leise Jones ( We have LOVED every interaction we've had with her, and her packages are all really flexible and affordable. Her photography is very photojournalist--she's documenting your wedding day.
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  • Hey,

    Check out  Juliet just photographed my friend's wedding last fall and I love her artsy style!  I'm not sure of the exact cost, but I know they were looking to keep the photography budget under $2k.

    Good luck! 
  • I'm another for Berryphotos - they're fantastic.  Their albums are from Italy and are the best I've ever seen.  Also the package we got had unlimited time which we used to do a reveal before the ceremony - all our family and bridal party pics all around Boston, Charlestown and Cambridge before the ceremony all the way through the end of the night.  It was awesome and we got a TON of amazing pictures.  You've got to check them out.  Their prices are ridiculously low for the quality.  Website offers a ton of info like pricing and everything.  It's
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    I did a pretty extensive search - we have the same price range. We almost went with Classic and/or George Street, but I canceled both appointments after seeing horrible reviews online.

    We've decided on One Eleven Images. They're a husband and wife team so you're getting two photographers automatically. They sent us info with 3 packages ranging from $2,300 - $3,000. We were able to tweak one of the packages (take out one thing and add another), so they're super flexible and adjust the price fairly. We ended with just above 2,600. When we met them they were super relaxed and down to earth.

    I think they have an amazing, fresh style. If you're still looking, I'd check them out!
  • Word of caution, you pay for what you get. I originally booked a photographer for $2,400 and was so unbelievable upset with the outcome of our engagement photos that we ended up cancelling with him. He thankfully gave us our deposit back as a nice gesture.

    We are now going with Nikki Cole who may be slightly over your budget but she offers packages under $3,000.

    Personally, I'd rather spend the money and get amazing photos. 
  • Addie Eshelman Photography is a dream to work with.  She's affordable and incredibly talented.  I loved our engagement photos and she's doing our wedding over the summer :)
  • We also used Berryphotos.  They were AMAZING!!  So talented - so helpful and nice and their pictures just blew me away.  You can tell they really know their stuff and they love what they do.  We clicked at the first meeting and my husband felt very comfortable with them (which is huge because he hates having his picture taken).  Their packages offered so much and the pricing is way less than what I'd expect to pay for the quality.  They did a friends wedding a few years ago, but we also got their card at like three venues we looked at and they were on the list at our venue.  Definitely worth meeting with them.  Their website is
  • Check out

    Definitely within your budget and awesome work!
  • If you are still looking I highly suggest you check out

    Her prices are beyond reasonable and she didn't even ask me to sign a contract until she did our engagement pictures and we were happy with them!

  • Addie Eshelman Photography
  • Lindsay Brian Photography! She is amazing. All of her packages are right around 1000.
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