Wedding Cake in SLC - soon - HELP!

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I am looking to find my wedding cake in SLC. I want a smaller 2 (maybe 3) tiered cake, as I am having other desserts as well. I want access to a free tasting first and everywhere seems to charge for tastings or have tasting out of their house. I am not comfortable with that, without a very strong recommendation. I have done one tasting at Granite Bakery and liked some of the flavors, but was completely unimpressed with the staff's knowledge and how incredibly nervous they were helping/speaking with me in their location. Our wedding is Art Deco themed so I want a design on the cake, but nothing crazy. Buttercream. I am hoping to find this for about $200. Any recommendations? I'd like to check this off my list soon. Thanks!

Re: Wedding Cake in SLC - soon - HELP!

  • The tasting was at her house in Sandy, but I strongly recommend Steph's Cakes: http://www.stephscake.com/ . She was very professional and so easy to work with. The cake was absolutely amazing (both in taste and decoration), many of our guests commented on how cool it was and how good it tasted. The tasting was free with surprisingly big pieces to try. I think her prices are much better than other popular bakeries- there's a calculator on her website that was very accurate. We're planning to get another cake from her for our anniversary or maybe DH's birthday, it was realllllly good cake.
  • Great - thank you for the information, I will definitely look into this!
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