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Has anyone used Amazon's Universal Registry?

I am having a hard time registering because there really isn't a whole lot we need.   I started a registry at bed bath and beyond already, but there are a few items at all different store's I'd like, but don't want to start registries at multiple store for only a few items each.     I knew someone that once used and as the guest, I didn't like it at all.   When I clicked to purchase the gift it brought me to the website to purchase the item, but I had to then manually go back and mark it off as purchased.  When marking it at purchased I had to enter the tracking info, order number, etc.   I did not like that at all and wouldn't want to make my guests have to do that.

I see that amazon has a universal registry, where you can add stuff from any store/site.   Has anyone used it?  I'd be curious to know how user friendly it is for the guests.  Does it update automatically.  I am sure there will be many people who prefer to shop in stores...would the be able to update if the buy something off it?   

Re: Has anyone used Amazon's Universal Registry?

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    You mean like the wish list?

    I use it and I love it. It's a good way for me to keep track of what I want it (it tracks prices too, so I know if something I want is suddenly inexpensive!) and it's great for birthdays and gifts for any occasion.

    You can set how many of each item you want and when it is purchased through your wish list link it is removed.

    It will only update if they buy through your link on Amazon.
  • Yes, we used it.  We added things sold on Amazon as well as things from other websites using the universal registry.  I believe that guests have to go back to Amazon to mark things as purchased.  When we used it (married in July 2011), the main inconvenience was that guests had to fill in the shipping address on the external website.  Usually with a registry, your guests can select to ship to an address you have entered as your preferred shipping address or to an address that they enter.  With the universal registry, our guests emailed us to ask where to ship gifts. 

  • I believe guests do need to go back and mark a universal item purchased as well, but it's really not much of hassle.  You go to their registry, click that you purchased it, get a confirmation email, and click the link there to finalize.  I didn't have any issues when I bought a friend a universal item.  If it's an amazon item then as long as you click the Add to Cart link from the registry itself it will automatically update and if you find the same thing elsewhere the steps are pretty much the same for universal items.
  • thanks everyone!   
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