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Anyone here do strength training/lifting?

I just started doing it and I love it. I'm convinced that this is the final step I need to lose the last 15 pounds and tone up. I'm pushing for a tropical honeymoon, so I need to get into bikini shape! Basically I do half an hour each day, 5 days a week. I switch between upper body/abs and lower body. I also do half an hour of cardio everyday. I know some of  you will yell at me or something for exercising too much, but I'm used to it and actually cut back a bit. I get fat super easy and I do honestly love exercise. 

I suppose I need more ab workout ideas, my gym is lacking in ab machines. 

Re: Anyone here do strength training/lifting?

  • I looooove weight lifting. There are so many misconceptions that women who lift will get "too bulky", but pounds are lost through lifting, not through 189375891357 hours a week on the treadmill - just ask any personal trainer! I do 4-5 days a week of weight training - it usually takes me about 45 minutes to get through my exercises, then some days (not enough) I'll do 20-30 mins of cardio. I do shoulders, back, legs, arms... some weeks I will do 2 days of arms because I want to tone up my arms a lot before the wedding.

    Does your gym have any abs classes?? I know mine offers a class but other than that there is also a shortage in ab machines..
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  • Can one of you ladies offer a rundown of your gym workouts?  I really enjoy exercising, but right now I'm only going to group fitness classes at the gym.  My favorite class does involve weights (it's sort of a cardio/weights circuit) but it's only offered once a week.  I'm just not sure how to get into a routine with the machines so I'm hitting everything I should.
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  • @jcbride2014 Monday - Shoulders - Chest machine press - 1 set warm up, 3 sets Side laterals dumbells - 3 sets Front laterals dumbells - 3 sets Machine rear delts - 3 sets Shoulder machine press - 3 sets Tuesday - Back - Wide grip pull down - 1 warm up, 3 sets Close grip pull down - 3 sets Two arm cable row - 1 warm up, 3 sets Reverse grip cable row - 3 sets Thursday - Legs - Warm up with lateral step ups I vary between all these exercises, just depends on the week. Extensions - 1 warm up, 3 sets Power squat machine - 3 sets Walking lunges with weights - 10-12 lunges 4 sets Leg press - 3 sets Lying leg curl - 3 sets Standing leg curl - 3 sets Friday - Arms - Seated dumbell curls - 1 warm up, 3 sets Rope push down - 3 sets Machine curls - 3 sets Machine extensions - 3 sets And then 20-30 mins cardio at the END of every workout. Hope that helps! If there are trainers at your gym, ask them to help show you HOW to use the machines. You can end up hurting yourself if you don't do the exercises right. So if you aren't sure how to use a machine, ask!! The program I listed for you is the one my trainer started me on last summer. I don't know your fitness levels so can't offer insight on the amount of weight you should use, but if you start low you'll be able to tell if it's too easy. It should be a little difficult! :) any questions please ask!
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  • To start, I do 20 minutes on the crosstrainer and turn the resistance up as I warm up. Then I do half an hour of lifting, switching everyday between upper and lower body. I suggest playing around with the machines to find out what works for you. You could ask an employee to show you how to use the machines and get some advice. To finish up, I do 15 minutes of biking. Without showing you how to lift in real life I can't really give you much advice. You should get someone to help you learn. 
  • @tcnoble and @edandy thanks!  My gym (NYSC) does have trainers who can help.  
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    "I'm not a rude bitch.  I'm ten rude bitches in a large coat."

  • I am a powerlifter. I stand 5'1" and weight 130lbs during non-comp season and 125lbs on season. I never do cardio. my workouts last anywhere from 1.5hrs and 3hrs. i eat like a man, well over 2k calories per day and i don't gain excess weight.
    i love it when i see other women into weight training. 
    I follow a program that involves main moves first then accessories so; 
    MON- Squats; main lifts, accessories calves, quads, hams
    WED- Bench, main lifts, accessories incline/decline/close grips, triceps, biceps, lats
    FRI- Deadlifts; main lifts, accessories tons of back work, calves, legpress, shrugs.
    i try to squeeze in yoga one or two days per week.
  • I just started lifting in earnest. I have dabbled in it for a few months. I am following a 12 week program on 

    I am hoping to get toned and lean by July! 
  • I want to start! Does anyone have any programs or exercises for someone starting out?
  • @JFAAllen I highly recommend getting with a personal trainer to get started in a program. You can seriously injure yourself weight/strength training if you don't know proper form, way to use the machines, etc. Try and find a trainer who will work with you for a few weeks, to help you learn the ropes and get you started on a program that you can continue on your own. Personal trainers aren't cheap, so I was happy that I found one who did that type of set up for me instead of insisting I do ALL my workouts with him.
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  • Like PP's said, it's best to have a trainer when you're starting out for all the reasons @tcnoble and others listed. I'd also recommend the use of free weights rather than machines. Although it might be easier to have bad form with machines, you'll use more of your muscles on free weights (read: better results!)
  • OMG I was approached at the gym the other day while I was working out with a kettle bell by a yoga instructor.  Basically implying that I work out too much with weights and I need to do more "dainty" things... She's lucky I didn't "daintily" punch her in the face... There are two hints I like to give people when they start incorporating weights and are afraid they are going to "bulk up"
    1.  High reps low weights... High reps being 15 or higher. Progress through your sets with little to no rest... you'll be burning calories while toning.

    2. Extending your muscles with weights or stabilizing activity.  I do most of my kettle bell workout on the BOSU Ball (the half ball thing with the hard base) using your balance while you work out makes you engage your core as well as using a free weight instead of a machine... You use your muscle in a more functional way when you are not limited to a weight machines path of motion. 

    Keep it up girls!!
  • I had someone tell me not to bulk up too! It's pretty much impossible for women to bulk up unless they know what they are doing and are trying and taking some testosterone and eating a crap ton of protein. 
  • I do a mix of weights (machines and free) and cardio 6 days a week at the gym... I didn't start with a trainer, but I did a fair amount of Google research (and am a dancer, so have lots of background knowledge about correct form/placement/etc.) 

    I use small weights and do tons of repetitions, fairly quickly. (Usually only 5-10 lbs free weights for arms, 24-36 lbs arm machines (fly/lat pulldowns), and no more than 70 lbs for legs (machine press, seated curl, machine abduction).

    Cardio causes most of the weight loss, weights will do most of the toning.  A combination of the two will likely give faster visible results.
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