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Post-Wedding/Marriage Life Updates Anyone?

So..we waited and we are a couple of months in...anything new? Unexpected? Or is it marital bliss?

Re: Post-Wedding/Marriage Life Updates Anyone?

  • lo.. now that we are a few months in.. still in a stage of bliss.. so that is good 

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  • Hard to believe that it's all over! Now that we've moved, gotten married, and the holiday season is over, life is quiet. I'm not complaining as I am enjoying some quiet nights with my new hubby at home! We went to Punta Cana last week for our honeymoon, so that was exciting!
  • That's amazing. We went to Hilton Head Island, SC for our honey moon and are going to Italy in March. I agree, the newlywed bliss is still there and I should be getting my pictures in from the photographer any day now! Can't wait to relive the day. The quietness is nice too! Any baby plans? Waiting? 

    I'd check out the Nest November 2013 anniversary blog, but I dont see anyone there yet!
  • Married life has been amazing! It is almost 2 months for us on the 23rd. We are in the process of house hunting and we had plans to buy but now we are thinking about renting then buying. It may help us get a house we want more than settling with something for 5+ years that we may not want as much. Hopefully by the Fall time we will be in a new home.

    I got a new job about a month after the wedding so I'm working closer to home and H plans to leave his current job this summer in persuit of a new career starting in September. Hopefully this works out because it would be a huge step for us.

  • Hi everyone. 

    Still loving being married and all that. We've been together for a while, so marriage isn't all THAT different.... still finding things here and there where I need to update my name, so that's not fun.
  • Married life has been great! We are happy that all the planning is over and we can now move onto the next phase. Now we are focusing on saving and trying to look for a new apartment in the next few months and hopefully buy a house in 2015. I can't believe three months have almost passed by us. 

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    Married life has been pretty good so far.  Things have been hectic as I get closer to med school graduation in May. We find out where I'll be going for residency in March. The next day, we're leaving to finally have our honeymoon in Orlando. It's going to be a crazy few months while we wait and then plan a move.
  •  I still need to update my name! *blushes* Things have been so crazy at work (I got a new job after the wedding!)...(Does anyone know the price for name changing?? I keep being told different prices, which is another reason I haven't updated anything yet..)


    But everything is wonderful :) We got our pictures literally a month after the wedding, and I made a photo album with Shutterfly..I love looking back on those's still so unreal to me! I can't believe that we got married only four months ago!!!

    The best thing is, in two weeks, we will be celebrating our three year anniversary!!

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  • Thats amazing/ congrats!
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