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HELP!! I need to have a contract voided!

Hi ladies!

I am in a panic!! I hired and paid a deposit for a wedding planning/coordinating company which I believed was professional and responsible. I have not been able to get responses via email or after leaving voice mails to the coordinator since September and my wedding is in 6 months. Her contract says if we cancel we lose our deposit and have to pay a fee. Does this stand if she is being unresponsive? Has anyone dealt with a situation like this before?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Re: HELP!! I need to have a contract voided!

  • Hi,

    Im sorry to hear you are going through that. How much was your deposit? The fee thing is a bunch of BS. If you have written proof (emails) documenting that you have tried to get a hold of her with no reply then that "extra fee" will never hold up in court and doubtful she would take you to court cause it will cost her money. If I were you i would email her again giving her a "warning" saying you are unhappy with her services (make sure you reply to the thread with all your emails)  and tell her you would like a deposit refund. if she doesnt reply then i dont think theres anything you can do except warn other brides and report her to the better business bureau. but she cant hold you to paying a fee when she has not responded to you at all.
    hope this was helpful.
  • Im with Future. Send a stern email, and if you have a physical address send a certified letter.

    You can then take her to small claims.
  • Thank you ladies! She has me way more stressed than I need to be, and I hired her in order to be less stressed!!

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