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Anyone out there? haha :)


Re: Anyone out there? haha :)

  • November 7, 2015!!!  We are paying for everything ourselves.  Things are really tight financially for us right now but we are hoping that he gets a new job soon that will be a huge help.  This will be his third marriage but first wedding and my first marriage.  I have a two year old and four year old also so we have a lot going on along with planning a wedding.  I am confident that in the end it will all come together and it will be an amazing day when I get to marry the man of my dreams!
  • I'm here! Getting married 11/21/2015 in Georgia. Already booked our wonderful all-inclusive venue: Bradford House and Gardens.
  • Hi Girls! (And guys if you are on this ha ha)

    My hubby to be and I are getting married on November 28, 2015 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!!
    Which means we have to plan EVERYTHING in advance since it's a destination wedding...we are both in Los Angeles...
    Happy planning y'all!!!
  • Hi All!

    11/14/15 here. I am in MAINE and have always pictured an outdoor wedding, so planning has been difficult since it is a complete deviation of what I had always pictured. We are struggling with finding a venue in our price point that isn't too "banquet hall" like. 
  • I don't know how popular these are in the north, but in the south we have a lot of really gorgeous barn-type rustic venues. Is that more what you're going for?
  • Hi All!

    11/14/15 here. I am in MAINE and have always pictured an outdoor wedding, so planning has been difficult since it is a complete deviation of what I had always pictured. We are struggling with finding a venue in our price point that isn't too "banquet hall" like. 
    Try looking into large tents or outdoor venues that can provide one. I'm having a 11/14/2015 outdoor wedding and I would devastated if it rained. Don't give up on your vision before figuring out an indoor backup.
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    November 7th for me!!!!
  • november 14th, 2015 :) 

    "Four years ago, I was just a guy who had a crush on a girl, who had a boyfriend. And I had to do the hardest thing that I've ever had to do"

  • My date is November 7, 2015 also....and we are having a destination wedding.  I am in need of a travel agent that takes payment arrangements.  My friends (and family) are so financially irresponsible.

    I was looking at the website destination anyone have any experience with them or any other travel companies????

  • Hi Ladies! 

    My fiance and I are getting married November 29, 2015! We decided on the weekend after thanksgiving! My FI is African American from SC and I am Puerto Rican from NY. The wedding will be in SC since he has a very very large family and my family is very small. Since most of our guestlist consists of family and a few close friends we are finding that the most of our guest really like the date! 

    My FI and I are also paying for  most of our wedding so we will be doing a lot of saving over the next year to get prepared. I wish all you ladies luck in planning your significant day!
  • My date is November 14, 2015! So excited and we already have so much taken care of.  Now for the long wait!
  • My wedding is on November 7th, 2015 in Columbus, OH! I'm just crossing my
  • sorry - got cut off! Just crossing my fingers for mild weather & no rain!! :)
  • ^^ same here.  our wedding is 11/7 in western new york, so i am hoping we dont have an early winter.  
  • We just got engaged on Sept 28 and planning for November 13, 2015! I'm straight overwhelmed.
  • That feeling will pass once you start checking things off your list! I'm getting married the 11/14/15 and already have a venue, photographer, DJ, AND dress and now I'm sitting here bored and also feeling like we could have just moved the date to this November no problem.  Just keep checking things off your list and you will find yourself at ease.  I was stressed the moment we started shopping for a venue but once we booked our date I actually started enjoying the planning process.  And we both have plenty of time! :)
  • November 1, 2015 :)
  • Nov. 7 2015 too!!! 

    Excited to have a place to talk to others!

    Is anyone having a day wedding? We are. The problem is, i'm from New York, my fiance is from Connecticut and we are getting married on Long Island and didnt want our friends/family from Connecticut to feel obligated to stay overnight because lets face it, it gets so expensive so we wanted to give them the chance to be able to take the ferry back home. 

    Im excited, and think its going to be fine, but I am getting some snarky comments from people saying that day weddings can be lame because when 6pm comes people dont know what to do because they are still in party mode - our venue has a bar/resturant I figured we could venture to after, but is anyone else getting this feedback?

    Would love to hear! <3 
  • Hey everyone!

    We are getting married November 7,2015 (our 12 yr anniversary)

    Paying for the wedding ourselves. I've already booked my venue. Picked my colors and FI has his groomsmen suits picked (he is a tailor).

    We have been engaged almost a year. I figured once w hit the full year Mark I'll really get into planning mode.
  • Hi ladies! We are getting married on November 14, 2015 in Connecticut. We both have very large families and our guest list is around 300 so finding a venue we loved and could hold everyone was my biggest worry. But we put our deposit down last week so now I'm excited for everything else!!
  • Nov. 7, 2015 here too!! We have booked the venue and that is really about it lol.  I have been to one store dress shopping and have an appt for a trunk show the day after Thanksgiving.
    My bff is my Man of Honor and helping me plan...I have so much to do still!!
  • I'm a 11/14/15 bride.. 2nd marriage and over 50. Venue booked! 50-60 guests
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  • We're getting married 11/13-15….Friday the 13th! LOL. 

    We joked about setting up ladders over the aisle, have a couple of black cats running around, smash a couple of mirrors when we say "I do"…We're actually loving the Friday the 13th vibe, although my cousin asked if he could come in his Jason Voorhess costume (he was kidding, of course.)

    We booked out venue last weekend. Getting married in Northern California (Greater SF Bay Area/Pleasanton/Livermore wine country region). We will be getting married indoors in a beautiful barrel room so we won't have to pray for good weather. This past weekend we also got our engagement photos done! Our goal for this weekend is to get our guest list finalized.

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  • @jrothstein101  I'm also having a day wedding!  We went to one this past summer and we had a blast! It was a more relaxed feel and at the end of the day, we went back to the hotel and the bride and groom hosted an after party.  I wanted a day wedding because I'm a morning person and at night weddings, I would love to party after the wedding, but I never have the energy to.  Plus, it gets dark early, so you don't have to worry about taking your wedding photos at night in the dark.  Ignore the snarky comments! We are doing an after party at our hotel, but we don't have a bar.  We are going to get cases of beer and wine and get our catering hall to make up some comfort food for people to eat later in the evening.

    What venue are you using in LI?  I went to school there but I'm from CT, fiance is from LI.
  • And @kk111415 : I LOVE the expression on your face in your avatar pic :P
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  • @arrrghmatey - THANK YOU! I laugh every time I love at that picture! Totally caught off guard when my fiance proposed and that was the first picture some stranger caught on my camera.  
  • @emoc625‌ we are wedding twins!
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  • kk111415 thanks for your response, makes me feel better we were thinking the same thing! We are getting married at the Estate at East Wind - there is a bar in the main hotel that we figured we could migrate too! Are you getting married in CT? If so, where? 
  • November 21st in Key West! We've been planning since pretty much the week we got engaged, since we already knew where we wanted to have it. So excited!
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  • @jrothstein101 I'm getting married in Northern Westchester, NY.  I grew up in CT and we were considering some places there, but they didn't work out.  East Wind is beautiful- having a bar to migrate to is perfect! 
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