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Brinner reception and alcohol?

I've seen several posts about doing brinner for a nighttime wedding reception and people seem pretty enthusiastic, stating how much everyone loves breakfast foods.  My question is about the "party" aspect of the reception: beer, wine, dancing.  I just can't see having wine and beer with my bacon and eggs.  Some people would say mimosas or champagne, but I don't think the majority of people at a wedding want to drink that all night.  I'd love your thoughts!

Re: Brinner reception and alcohol?

  • Fair warning, I'm not in the "brinner" camp - love breakfast, love breakfast foods.  Can't do them for dinner though.  However, I know a lot of people love it so maybe bloody mary's and mimosas? Or maybe a bloody mary and/or mimosa bar so people can craft drinks to their own tastes?

    I would think about adding some non-breakfast specific foods to the menu - maybe some salmon or a pasta dish, roast vegetables, carved ham or roast beef - that would pair more naturally with beer or wine (as well as cover the palates of non-brinner eaters like myself). 
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    Personally, if I were at a "brinner" reception, I'd just drink water through the meal and switch to booze later.
    Or I'd drink wine, I'll drink wine with anything.

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    I am a fan of breakfast for dinner, but not for a formal reception.  If you want it to be more formal, you could have breakfast-y things during cocktail hour, like mini quiche, waffle squares, shots of smoothies, and things like that. 

    If you do go for breakfast for dinner, you should serve heavier options, such as pasta, perhaps a carving station, etc.  Think about brunch menus at restaurants; they also have lunch options, not just breakfast.

    ETA: As for the alcohol, I would have a full open bar with 1-2 signature cocktails that are more brunch drinks, like mimosas or bellinis.  If you cannot afford or do not want open bar, I would do wine/beer/sig drink.
  • I'm also not in the "brinner" crowd. I like breakfast, but I don't love it.  There's too much carbs and not enough protein for me to want to get up and dance after eating it.  I also don't want to drip syrup on a nice dress.

    If you were going to do this, I'd probably have a vodka-cranberry to drink with it.  I love me some cranberry juice with breakfast and a little vodka can't hurt.
  • I am not a brinner fan either.  I would much rather have a full regular dinner at the night time.  I do think you can incorporate breakfast items into the cocktails and desserts though.  As a pp mentioned you can do quiche and smoothies etc.  I do like the idea of a waffle station for dessert, if it is in your budget of course.  Then you can add fruit toppings to it and its like breakfast and a snack at once.  Just some thoughts!
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    I wouldn't over think it.  As long as you have water/soft drinks people can do those with their meal and switch to alcohol afterwards if it weirds them out.

    I do like the idea of adding in a non "brinner" item such as ham or whatever to help with people who want something a little more traditional, but if you don't have it in the budget it is not necessary.
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    If you want to do breakfast foods I would steer more towards brunch type fair which is a nice combo of sweet and savory items so that folks who aren't into the brimmed things will also have lots of choices to choose from.

    As for alcohol, it is the same as the food. Have a nice assortment and people will drink what they want when they want.
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