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lack of plus size clothing options

so i had some money on a gift card to use at sears and i needed some new clothes. i don't normaly shop at sears i went in to my local sears and the plus size section was in a small corner of the store. they had maybe 6 racks of clothing 2 of them were for clearance. i needed some pants, jeans, and some yoga type pants. the jeans and dressy pants  were elastic waist or the gloria vanderbelt straight legged jeans. the only lounge pants they had were heavy sweat pants with pockets. it seemed like every other department had loads of options for clothing but when it came to the plus size options they were very few,

has anyone else noticed that stores are shrinking the plus size selections?

Re: lack of plus size clothing options

  • Target is the absolute worst. At least the ones in the Chicago area are. Plus size section gets crowded out more and more by the maternity clothes and now sales and clearance. It's so disorganized, jumbled and hard to find anything I haven't bothered for years.

  • I usually do my clothes shopping online.  It's not too hard to take your own measurements and order according to the size chart.  I usually have good luck this way. 
  • KayDeee said:
    Target is the absolute worst. At least the ones in the Chicago area are. Plus size section gets crowded out more and more by the maternity clothes and now sales and clearance. It's so disorganized, jumbled and hard to find anything I haven't bothered for years.

    I noticed that the Target by my work has toally eliminated the plus size section. Not cool target, not cool.

    I've taken to doing myclothes shopping almost entirely online (although I rarely shop anymore) or at Torrid. I am "shopping" through Gwynnie Bee, which is this clothes rental service, which is super awesome.

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  • I do a lot of online shopping because I don't want to deal with the hassle of going to the store to find hardly anything in my size. I like Torrid, but find a lot of it to be too young for me (I'm 29) or not appropriate for work (I'm a teacher). I really liked Eloquii by the Limited, but it closed. I discovered a store over the summer called Fashion to Figure that I really like. It's inexpensive, kind of trendy, and cut for younger plus-size women.
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  • Sigh, I've noticed this too. A lot of my shopping comes from Walmart or Maurice's
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  • I actually get a lot of tops at Ross.  They have a section with size 3X shirts. There much closer to 1X, but I always can find decent tops there to wear to work.  I guess it depends on your dress code.  I also shop at Torrid (clearance and sale sections), Lane Bryant (when they have serious sales only), and Forever 21 if yours has a plus size area - SOMEtimes I can find a few pants and shirts.  It's harder and harder to purchases plus size clothes.

    I recently did my first 5K with a friend and went to Academy and couldn't find ANY plus size workout clothes.  Do only skinny people workout?  I don't get how that helps anyone.  I ended up having to shop in the men's section. Not cool.
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  • i wish i had a ross in my state they are all over pa and california places were me and my fiance have family but none in connecticut.

    i found fashion to figure but if i get some extra money i will be stopping there

    we have torrid fashion to figure lane bryant avenue, that have plus we also have dots and rainbow but they carry more gehtto style clothing
  • For cute dresses, Modcloth (online store) has a ton of vintage inspired dresses. Some can get spendy but they have sales. They even have some really simple stuff that could pass for bridal in a casual wedding.
    ASOS Curve (online) also skews young but you can find some unique things and a few solid basics.

    Of course Sonsi online is a conglomerate of SWAK and a bunch of other places.

    I shop Old Navy online even though I HATE them for just not carrying more plus sizes in stores. you basically have to wait 7 days to try stuff on. Makes no sense and irks me like nobody's business they want my money but don't want ME in the store. They are basically hate-buys.

    I would have DIED to have had Torrid when I was growing up. I've always been chunky to plus size. I think it's great there are more options out there for young girls and women. (I do buy Torrid but definitely am too old to shop there. Again, mostly solid basics)

    But yeah, love me some Modcloth.

  • Just to toss this out there, I have had some luck shopping at Kiyonna.com, OneStopPlus.com, I have also found some things on Amazon... Oh and Jessica London. But yeah, I'm an online shopper too, I prefer the traffic on the internet. LOL
  • buttercup1958buttercup1958 Blue Smokey Mountains
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    i'm not plus size but i do have to say modcloth is very plus size friendly! they have a size chart and tell you if things run small or big. Also they have good quality clothing for not too much of a price tag!
  • I forgot to mention that I LOVE Nordstrom for plus-size dresses.  I've always really had great luck finding dresses for weddings, job interviews, and other events. 

    FI and I have 4 weddings to go between ours (3/29) and the first week of July.  I've been eyeing this dress up for months, and finally took the plunge today when I saw it was on clearance for $79.97.  I almost bought it a few weeks ago with it was $164, but I'm glad I held out!  I'm going to have it altered to make the sheer flare at the bottom detachable so that I can wear it for both the cocktail attire and black tie weddings we're going to. 
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  • InkdancerInkdancer The Shire member
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    Macy's is my go-to if I need a fancy dress. I highly recommend Torrid and SimplyBe, also. I have bought a number of items from them online and have loved every single piece.

    I feel you on the shrinking, though... the Target by my house no longer has any plus sizes, and the one mall eliminated all but one of their plus size stores (there used to be 6).
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  • I work at walmart and it looks like their plus sized selection is shrinking too.  It is sad when you have to get your work clothes from a different store because they don't carry much of a selection.  I live in a small city so all that's really here is walmart and Peebles.  
  • @inkdancer i live 2 minutes away from a mall and they got rid of lane bryant and never replaced them with any plus size store its just the anchors if i drive 20 minutes away to the other mall i have torrid fashion to figure and lane bryant.

    the mall closest to me is owned by the tubman corp ( they are known for higher end malls)
    and the one 20 minutes away is a westfield shoping center
  • silver0319silver0319 member
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    I just got an email last night: Eloquii is coming back!
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