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Gettysburg in August.

Hello!! Would love any opinions and advice about this- my fiancé and I want to get married this year, and we really like the idea of an outdoor wedding in gettysburg with a reception In a very cool barn venue. However there is only one date left at the place we want and it's smack dab in August. I don't want our opinion to be colored by how much we love the venue, and then we go ahead and do it in august and the guest are miserable and uncomfortable. Has anyone done a gettysburg summer wedding, or an outdoor wedding/reception in the summer? Was it worth it or was it too hot to enjoy? Thanks !

Re: Gettysburg in August.

  • When in August? After about Aug. 15, things start to cool down and get more like September. I got married outside last Aug. 24 and the high was 80 degrees. Since our ceremony started at 5 pm, things cooled down pretty quickly. But if it's early August, then yeah, that could be pretty miserable.
  • The date the venue has available is august 9. The ceremony would need to start between 4 and 5
  • Early August and late afternoon/early evening like you're suggesting will  likely be hot and sticky.  As a guest, I would not be happy about attending your wedding in this kind of weather.  I think you need to look at other venues or choose a different date.
  • I'm from a small town next to Gettysburg, and I would recommend the fall.  The fall in Adams County is absolutely beautiful.  I'd count on early August being pretty hot and uncomfortable.  You might be okay if you have enough fans set up in the venue, but I'd be a little nervous about it.  Good luck!

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    August is (or at least usually) hot as balls. I'd avoid an outdoor wedding unless you can somehow air condition the area.

    And I am from York/Carroll County

  • I ditto @chibiyui. I live in York County, and mid-August this past year was hot as the Devil's ass. Even by that time of day, yes, it's gonna be hot and sticky.

    I would find somewhere not outdoors if at all possible. If you love the venue, try the fall, like a PPD suggested. Look for a Friday evening or Sunday afternoon.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • I wouldn't attend an all-outdoor wedding in August.  I know I'd be miserable, so I'd rather stay home.
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