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Honeymoon plans?


Re: Honeymoon plans?

  • We are spending a week in San Diego, and have had our place booked for about 2 months now.  His mom has a Time Share and a very nice/popular spot became available that we just had to take advantage of.  It's the Carlsbad Seapointe Resort. It looks beautiful, we're very excited. We are holding off on purchasing our airfare for now.
  • Originally, we were going to do Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica...but after some thought, I convinced FI that we should just go to the family cottage in muskoka for the week.  It's about an hour from home, quiet, right on the lake, with all the colours of fall...and best of all FREE!

  • We are planning on going to Nevis, a wonderful little island off of St. Kitts. 
  • Paris and London the last week of Nov into the first couple of weeks of Dec!
  • Nothing booked yet, FI wants Brazil and I want Spain.
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