Looking for a large barn to rent..?

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I live in St. Clair in eastern Michigan and have been looking for a nice, large barn to rent. I am willing to look at places that are about 45 minutes away but am having trouble locating a barn that is large enough to hold 300-350 people. Right now we are leaning towards renting a barn at Goodells county park but I am still on the hunt for a different barn. 

I have found barns in Melvin, Ann Arbor, etc, but they are a little too far since we will be getting married in Richmond Michigan. If anyone has any information about barns in my area, please share. :)

Re: Looking for a large barn to rent..?

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    Hi - I am de-lurking and looking for a barn too. We just drove to Van Hoosen Barn today to take a look at it and the grounds are gorgeous! I don't think it will hold 300 people though. Also, there was a large sign out front that said "No smoking on the property". While DF and I don't smoke, there is a large percentage of our guest list that do, so we might have to cross the idea off our list. 

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    Upland Hills Farm has one to rent- they are located near Addison Oaks.  Not sure if that is close enough.  We called Camp Skyline in Almont and were a reasonable option, not sure if they had a barn but would accommodate a tent.
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    I'm not sure if this will help you or not. But I hope it does.
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    Thanks ladies. We looked VanHoosen and Addison Oaks, but both are quite a distance, and it was a tight squeeze for our amount of guests. Were still looking, but haven't had much luck. Thanks for the responses though!
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